Women Are Ditching Traditional Baby Showers For 'Genius' Nesting Showers

Baby showers are one of those things that pregnant women have come to expect. While it can be so special to celebrate your baby-to-be with your closest friends and family, it can also be mentally and physically exhausting.

For these reasons and more, why some women are choosing to forgo the traditional shower and are opting for a nesting shower instead.

Being pregnant is an incredibly significant time in any woman's life.

If you're lucky enough to be supported by friends and family, you're most likely going to be spoiled with food and gifts during the time-honored tradition of a baby shower.

I mean *come on*, who doesn't love deli platters and games themed around a woman's belly?

Unsplash | Tuva Mathilde Løland

However, some women are forgoing this tradition in an effort to get some help around the house with nesting prep.

A woman on TikTok is going viral after sharing the nesting party she threw for herself.

User @aloha.nutrition shared her idea with her followers to rave reviews.

"Because Nesting Parties should be the new Baby Showers right?!" she captioned the video, which has gained over 1 million views.

The video showed the mom-to-be's friends and family doing various tasks around the house like making meals, prepping the diaper cart and organizing the nursery.

This is such a great idea, especially if you've already had a baby shower and are now expecting your second or third child!

The video was met with lots of praise online.

"This made me cry!!" wrote one follower. "I wish I had that kind of support."

"This needs to be the new norm for expectant moms," echoed another.

"This is genius! Of course, I see it now after having four kids," joked one user.

What do you make of the idea? Let us know in the comments below!

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