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Man Refuses To Marry GF For Not Losing Weight She Put On Due To A Disorder

Many people have a few things they want out of their partner before they take the plunge and decide to get engaged to be married. Some people want their partner to be financially stable and professionally successful, while others want their partner to be ready to have kids and start a family.

But, for some, being in shape is important to them, too.

Recently, one woman was seeking advice on a situation between her and her boyfriend.

Stephen LaConte, a BuzzFeed writer and expert of advice, has a specific "corner" of the BuzzFeed site where he takes letters seeking advice and answers via the website in articles.

Recently, he received a DM from a woman who is stuck in a bad situation with her boyfriend.

The woman, who remains anonymous, was upset at an ultimatum her boyfriend had given her.

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The woman said she has been with her boyfriend for nearly four years and the two have discussed marriage before. However, her boyfriend says that he will not get engaged to her until she loses weight.

Yikes, that's blunt and rude.

For context, the woman says she didn't gain weight on purpose.

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The woman explained in the DM that she was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder that has "ruined her metabolism."

She said that currently, she is 20 pounds heavier than she was when the couple had begun dating. But, as years go by, all of our bodies change.

Her boyfriend had a lot to say about her body.

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She says her boyfriend lets her know that she is his "favorite person otherwise" and that he still finds her "cute" but he is "no longer attracted to her" the way that he once was due to how much weight she has gained.

The woman says she has also tried to lose weight.

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She said that she has been trying to lose weight, by dieting and even seeing a trainer to shed some pounds. However, it's not working for her and she isn't able to drop the weight.

She asked what she should do in this situation with her boyfriend.

Very bluntly, Stephen told her that this man is really not worth it.

"You should dump your boyfriend. And I could end my advice right there, because really, all you should do right now is get yourself out of this relationship, stat. But since I know that's a big ask, I'll show my work," he said.

Stephen pointed out that bodies change, especially as we get older.

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As the two were talking about marriage, he pointed out that her boyfriend can't expect her body t stay the same forever. Not to mention, if they plan on having kids, her body will change indefinitely, without a doubt.

Many people online agreed that she should 100% dump her boyfriend.

"I generally think the internet is way too eager to encourage strangers to terminate important relationships. But here, it is appropriate. Sorry your man turned out to be a child," said BuzzFeed user, annab4fef789d4.

Others pointed out that this guy will "never be happy" and "always find something to pick on her for."

Another said they, too, went through this.

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"Yup, lose the whole man. I spent many miserable years with a jerk who stopped being attracted to me due to my weight gain from a thyroid issue. I internalized the thought that I wasn't good enough and I should settle. I dropped 198lbs of pure a**hole after he told me I needed to be more like my 98lb friend. Never been better. I'm learning to love myself and get healthier for me, not him," said fluffyblackcloud.

We agree!

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