Man Gives Hilarious Tour Of His Sister's Home Filled With 'Basic' Home Decor

What does one do when one has a self-proclaimed "basic sister" as a sibling?

One roasts the hell out of them on TikTok, that's what.

TikTok user John Michael Baker created a frankly groundbreaking series in which he goes around his sister's home and shows us every basic thing she has in it. And guys, it is hilarious. Get ready for a lot of cursive fonts and signs that say "family."

"Welcome to my basic white sister's home."

Meet John. He's going to take us on a journey through his sister's Hobby Lobby — sorry, his sister's house.

Don't worry about her, by the way! Not only is just fine with this series, she's the one recording him. Ah, siblings.

It's exactly what you're thinking it is.

That is, if you were thinking it's a house full of inspirational phrases in a cursive font. John helpfully narrates every single sign he sees, like the ones pictured here. Happy wife, happy life, am I right?

Some of the signs are truly cringe-worthy.

"Family," John narrates in his Southern drawl. "A little bit of crazy, a little bit of loud, and a whole love of love."

Honestly, I'm digging the Red Bull fridge. It's a surprising addition to a house I consider to be my own personal nightmare house.

Gallery walls galore.

"Every family has a story. Welcome to ours." I do not know what the story is, but I know I want John to tell me the entire thing over cocktails. His sister doesn't even have to be there.

There's so much cursive in this house.

Cursive fonts are catnip to Gen X/elder millennials, and I just want to say this: you guys have horrible font choices, I'm so sorry. Before you get mad, consider this: I have a license to roast you as an elder millennial myself.

I can't believe all of this is in ONE HOUSE.

I feel like Michaels and Hobby Lobby must have had some huge sales, and John's sister bought out the entire clearance sections. That's my only explanation for ONE HOME having this many generic phrases on its walls.

It never ends.

Back at it again with that one specific font! New decor challenge for every decor designer ever: make something that doesn't use that font. Just one thing. I know you can do it.

But what about the outside of the house?

Don't you worry, it, too, has some truly basic-ass decor on the outside. Is she located in a seaside town? Does this fit the theme of her home in any way? Guess we'll never know.

You can start the series here.

The first video is right here, but never fear: there's a whopping five parts to the series. His sister LOVES her some basic home decor, so there's no shortage of content for you to watch. SCORE.