Mom Holds 'Wife Strike' After Husband Claims He's The Only One Who Cleans

Although there are some rare people in this world who actually enjoy doing housework, most only do it because they know somebody has to.

And when you're doing something you don't enjoy, it can be pretty easy to get a distorted perception of how much work you're actually doing and how long it takes. With this in mind, it's not exactly a surprise that the division of household labor would be such a common subject for arguments within a married couple.

And unfortunately, some women have found that these arguments reveal just how unappreciated and taken for granted the work they do truly is. But for one wife, that's not going to happen without some pretty significant consequences.

On September 8, a woman named Jalie started a TikTok account with the sole purpose of documenting a project she called a "wife strike."

As she said in the first of these TikToks, this consists of a week-long pause on doing any cleaning that her husband directly benefits from.

She said this was prompted by his claim that he's the only one who does any cleaning around the house.

At the time of this writing, the week hasn't passed yet but it is fast approaching its last day.

In the beginning, Jalie showed us chores she would normally take care of such as doing and sorting the laundry, tidying up the bathroom counters they use, cleaning the toilet, and picking up any random items or articles of clothing that happen to be lying around.

Though he did quite well on his first day, there were still a few areas in which he failed.

And we can see in the video here that the end of the first day saw her husband clean the fecal stains in the toilet bowl and pick up misplaced shoes, but apparently leave a large pile of laundry and other messes for her.

While Jalie's husband initially gave her the silent treatment for this strike, it seems that he made some progress in the housework along the way.

By the fourth day, however, that progress was coming slowly and at the cost of some static from the husband's family.

In Jalie's words, "I had to block all of my husband's family members, you know, to avoid any extra unnecessary drama."

The fifth day thankfully showcased some pretty incredible achievements!

We can see that the fifth day brought some encouraging progress as Jalie said, "This looks literally the best I've ever seen this toilet."

But while he also picked stuff off the floor and cleaned the bathroom sink, it seemed that both sorting clean laundry and washing the dirty stuff remained a challenge.

The following day, Jalie gave us an update on the strike's progress and it's something of a mixed bag.

On one hand, the clean laundry that had been sitting around since the strike began was finally getting separated and the pile in the laundry room was much smaller than even the previous video.

But on the other hand, the trash-filled garbage can has been sitting in the same spot for days, as have the cleaning products from before.

In one of her most recent updates, Jalie took a look at the living room.

While the laundry room showed some real improvements, the main source of confusion for Jalie was the discovery of a toilet roll holder underneath the TV.

One individual who had been following wife strike for a while posed the question, "What exactly is he bringing to this relationship at this point?? Lmfao." Although, a lot of people were very impressed with how clean the husband's gaming setup was, so it is not all bad following this experiment!

Jalie has made it clear that she doesn't necessarily expect a permanent change in their household dynamic once the strike is over. Still, it definitely seems unlikely that the husband will ever say he's the only one who cleans now that he's fully aware of what she normally does.

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