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Mom Outraged Over Daughter's School Supplies Being Used For The Whole Class

While it's been years since I was a kid in school, I still remember that 'back-to-school' feeling like it was yesterday!

One thing that always got me excited was buying a brand-new backpack and loading up on the most colorful supplies.

So when one little girl got her new supplies taken away from her at school, her mama's protective side came out.

This frustrated mom brought her dilemma to Reddit's "Am I The Asshole" community.


This is where Reddit users share their stories to let the internet decide whether they're in the wrong or not.

And since this story has parenting involved, you best believe that things got messy!

The mom began by explaining that her daughter is six and this is the first time she's sent a kid to school.

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They skipped the previous year because of COVID-19.

She received a list of supplies to buy from the teacher, which included a note that said not to label the items.

Which may or may not be an unusual request, but regardless, the mother chose not to follow it.

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She decided to label her daughter's items anyhow since she didn't want her daughter to lose the things they bought.

"I also sent my kid to school with a reasonable amount of school supplies," she wrote.


On the very first day of school, the mom received an email from the teacher telling her not to label school supplies since the kids share them.

They also told her to send the entire amount of supplies so the teacher could ration them out as needed.

The Redditor's daughter was upset since they'd spent a lot of time buying color-coordinated notebooks and folders so she could feel like her mom who's in college.

The teacher had taken the six notebooks and folders from the daughter and given her two new ones.

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"I emailed the teacher back and said I don’t mind buying extra supplies if a child doesn’t have any, but I want the stuff I bought for my daughter to be returned to her."

This prompted the teacher to say that it was important for her daughter to learn how to share since it's something she struggles with.

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"Daughter says 'her notebook' (she had a favorite) went to a boy who didn’t want it anyway because it was bright pink."

The Redditor emailed the teacher again, asking if she could pick up the school supplies she bought for her daughter.

The teacher said no since someone else was already using them.

"I just want to repurchase the notebook she liked and be done with this."

The teacher also asked her again to send the rest of the school supplies.

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"I’m petty, I don’t like being told how to parent, and I’ve never had a kid in school before (outside preK)," the mom wrote.

She shared that she feels the whole situation could've been communicated better.

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But since she's seen some teachers on TikTok use this same system, she's wondering if she's in the wrong here.

Reddit was quick to label her as the one justified in this situation.

"NTA every kid should have own things and if feel to, should share," this Redditor wrote. "But pushing someone to share just makes them hate the others kids, because they 'stole' their things."

Another Redditor wrote that the teacher is basically stealing.

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"You weren’t informed of this and your daughter obviously didn’t consent to her things being taken from her," they wrote.

They also said that the mom should talk to the administration and have her child placed in another classroom.

While many agreed, some wrote that the mom should've followed instructions.

"If it's in the note not to do something, it's there for a reason," they wrote.

They added that the teacher is likely frustrated since sharing supplies is school policy.

Which is definitely a good point.

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For the most part, people expect a lot from teachers and they have little room to breathe.

"Going forward, now you know how it works and you can better prepare your daughter."

Now that we've heard from the Redditors, where do you stand?

Was the mom wrong for not wanting her school supplies used by the whole class?

Let us know your thoughts down below in the comment section!

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