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Mom Visiting Disney World Gets Left Rude Note For Using Two Parking Spots

Disney is supposed to be a day of ultimate fun. You go on fun rides, meet your favorite Disney characters, and stuff your face with sugary sweets!

It's called the Happiest Place on Earth, after all.

But one mom is reeling from her recent trip to Disney after she received a rude note from a disgruntled guest.

They were upset she took up two parking spots to help her disabled son.

Amusement parks have been the opposite of joy lately.

Earlier this year, a girl with autism was kicked out of Six Flags because of her shorts being too short.

This was despite the fact that she was welcomed into the park earlier on in the day with no issue. "I committed no crime," Bailey wrote on Facebook.

"She followed me yelling and calling for backup," she wrote about a security guard.

"Then your incompetent manager showed up and began body shaming me."

She was told that she would have to go change if she wanted to remain in the park. Meanwhile, her daughter was sitting beside her, crying.

Things took a scary turn when the mom was "threatened with criminal trespassing."

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This happened after she had agreed to buy new shorts to allow her family to enjoy their vacation.

"I was then pushed and escorted toward the entrance." But right when they were about to leave, a female officer stopped them.

"She pulled out her cuffs and demanded my ID. When we asked for probable cause their answer was 'because they are the police,' Breedlove wrote.

Six Flags has since released a statement, saying that Breedlove “was initially stopped because her shorts exposed a significant portion of her buttocks.”

Recently, another mother had a tough day at an amusement park.

Tricia Proefrock is a Florida mother who brought her 13-year-old disabled son, Mason, to Disney.

Mason has Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome, which is a type of epilepsy that can affect a person's ability to walk, talk, and even see.

They may also experience seizures as a result of the syndrome.

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As a result of his disabilities, Tricia parks in handicapped parking spots to help her son get out in his wheelchair.

Going to Disney is the “highlight” of both their lives, she told FOX 35 News.

But that turned into a nightmare recently when a person left a rude note on Proefrocks windshield.

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This came after she was forced to park in two spots since the handicap section with ramp accesses was full.

It’s not something she likes doing, but the cast members instructed her after there were no other options.

"Every single time out of dozens of trips, the cast members instruct me to take two spots, by parking directly on the white line. This gives me room to wheel my son out of the vehicle."

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The rude note left by some "kind soul" was in the form of a parking violation.

"This is not a ticket, but if it were within my power, you would receive two," it read.

"Because of your bull-headed, inconsiderate, feeble attempt at parking, you have taken enough room for a 20 mule team, 2 elephants, 1 goat, and a safari of pygmies from the African interior."

It continued on with more insults before wishing Proefrock and her son transmission failure while driving home and getting infested by fleas.

Proefrock told Insider she initially felt "humiliation" and "shame" over the note. "I was angry because I felt like the situation of taking two spots naturally sets us up to be judged," she said.

Proefrock is sharing her story in the hopes that people will be more mindful before jumping to conclusions.

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"So, if you see a car taking two spots, maybe instead of wishing us a broken transmission, you can try to think about WHY a wheelchair accessible van in a medical parking section might need 2 spots."

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