Bennifer Is Stunning On The Red Carpet And Britney Is Engaged — It's 2004 All Over Again

I'm feeling all types of nostalgia these days — nostalgic for a time where Corona was just a beer, not a virus. A time when cell phones were flippable. A time when the #1 song in the world was Usher's "Yeah!" and when everyone layered their Ralph Lauren polo shirts with 5 camisoles underneath.

Ah yes, I'm talking about my glory days circa 2004.

Of course, we all know we're living amidst a Bennifer renaissance.

Sparks have been flying between the former fiancé's for several months now, which has been endlessly joyful for me and everyone who was gutted by their 2004 split.

The pair has made a lot of big moves in their reunion, but the biggest one yet has been their return to the red carpet last Friday.

Showing up at the Venice Film Festival hand in hand, Bennifer fans around the world had to gasp for air at the mere sight of this beautiful pair together on the red carpet again.

If that wasn't enough excitement for one weekend, Britney announced Sunday night that she is FINALLY ENGAGED to longtime beau Sam Asghari!

"I can't [explective] believe it!" she captioned the sweet video of herself and Sam showing off the ring.

Of course, Britney fans will recall 2004 was the year she was engaged to Kevin Federline.

However, I have a much better feeling about this union.

What a magical, wonderful weekend it was!