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Mom Claps Back After People Online Criticize Her Daughter's 'Twilight'-Inspired Name

Picking a name for your child can be a hard thing to do. That name is going to stay with them for the rest of their lives because they can't change it until much later, down the road. Some kids get picked on for their names when they are too unique or different, but others get made fun of if their name is too common, too.

Parents hate the idea of having a "common name" for their baby.

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More often than not today, we see parents trying to be "different" and have unique names for their kids because they don't want them to go to school and have the same name as 10 kids in their class. It's confusing!

Some parents, however, go too far with names.

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Some parents go very far with names, however, and that can backfire. When a kid's name is too different or too unique, they can be picked on and made fun of by their peers in school as they grow up.

One mom on TikTok is clapping back at haters who are judging her for her baby's name.

TikTok user and mom, Jordan, decided to find a different name for her daughter, without having to consult one of those massively large baby name books. But, the name is question comes from a popular book/movie series—"Twilight."

She named her daughter "Renesmae," which is the name of the baby Bella and Edward have.

Bella and Edward name their own daughter this after merging the names of their own moms.

And, while many said it was "weird" for the mom to name her daughter after a book or a movie, she said that "it's not uncommon" for many people to do that. In fact, some people do get inspo. from books and movies for their kids.

However some people online called the mom out in the worst way.

On TikTok, people began to leave comments dragging Jordan for naming her daughter something like Renesmae. One person said that kids shouldn't be "billboards" for parent's fandom.

Jordan, however, said she didn't like the movies or the books, she just liked the name a lot.

Others said this kid is in for it.

Others pointed out that when her daughter goes to school, she is totally in for the ridicule and mocking over this name. No one will know how to pronounce it and they will call her other things that won't make sense.

Another said that people have done it before.

One persons aid that her sister is named "Drew" after the Nancy Drew books, because they were her dad's favorite book as a child. So, it's not that people don't do this often or have never done it before!

Others said that they even wanted to do the same with other shows and movies.

One mom said her son is named Lynk and people automatically correlate it to either Zelda the game or a character on Grey's Anatomy. Even if it was, she said "who cares" and why do people get so heated over stuff like that.

Another person shared her son's name has a backstory too.

One other TikTok user said that her son is named after Joey Fatone. You know, from that boy band you grew up thirsting over. And, she said that she also loves Jordan's baby's name and doesn't care if anyone else has something to say about it!