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Woman Seeks Help After Sister Claims Niece's Tampons Are 'Taking Her Virginity'

If you've ever wondered why so many activists think it's necessary to destigmatize periods, then it's likely you've been lucky enough not to see what that kind of stigmatization looks like.

Because while it may seem ridiculous that people would find anything shameful about a natural process that most women have to go through whether they like it or not, that hasn't stopped some parents and even teachers from fundamentally misunderstanding it.

And when the whole topic of periods becomes a taboo, that leaves young girls bereft of any answers when their first period emerges.

Although one mom seemed to understand that enough to seek outside help when this came to pass, her sister's story makes it clear that there's still a great deal of work to be done.

About a year ago, one woman received a request from her sister asking her to explain periods and how to manage them to her daughter.

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As the woman explained in a Reddit post, the strongly religious upbringing they shared made periods, sex, birth, and female genitalia absolutely taboo topics to the point that the woman had to learn how to manage her own periods from her best friend's mom.

As the woman put it, "I obviously didn’t want to do this as it wasn’t my job but I did because somebody had to for the poor girl who was absolutely freaking out as to why she was bleeding."

So after she gave her niece both the period talk and the sex talk, she also gave her some pads.

Unfortunately, she learned a few weeks ago that these were proving to be insufficient due to leaks leaving stains on her pants. The girl's mom placed the responsibility for dealing with these stains on her, but she had trouble cleaning them and was facing ridicule at school as a result.

The woman shared some tips for dealing with leaks, but also provided her niece with tampons to better prevent them.

Unfortunately, this decision enraged the sister, who told the woman that it wasn't her place to give them to her daughter.

She even went as far as to say that by advising her niece to use tampons, the woman was "taking her virginity."

On one hand, the woman felt some guilt over not informing her sister of this decision, but she also struggles to see how she could have done so.

In her words, "When I first had the talk with my niece my sister didn’t want to know anything I told her because those conversations are ‘inappropriate and embarrassing’ so I didn’t figured she’d want to know."

As you might expect, the Reddit community she reached out to was baffled at how tampons could possibly have anything to do with someone's virginity.

And some also felt that the sister can't have it both ways when it comes to seeking outside help for her daughter's periods.

As one user said, "Your sister made it your place when she abdicated her responsibility as a parent in this regard."

Needless to say, almost nobody considered the woman even remotely wrong in this situation.

In one person's words, "You advised your niece on the best way to deal with periods and a heavy flow. Good for you. Your sister can hush up and be inappropriately embarrassed by herself."

As for the niece's problems, the woman said that she's made some headway in convincing her sister to let the tampons continue, but has recommended heavy duty pads in the interim.

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