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People Horrified After Finding Out What McDonald’s Grimace Really Is

Grimace has been a part of the McDonald's brand for many years now and is a face that countless people recognise across the globe. Despite this fact, very few people know what Grimace actually is!

However, the manager of one branch of McDonald's recently let slip what Grimace actually is, and it has had a lot of people pretty concerned — with good reason.

Fans have long since wanted a definitive answer as to what Grimace is supposed to be.

Until now, however, when it comes to Grimace, McDonald's have kept their cards weirdly close to their chest.

Back in 2014 one Grimace fanatic (yes, such people exist) got closer than anyone had before with McDonald's telling them that grimace was likely a "milkshake or a taste bud."

But now there is a definitive answer thanks to McDonald's Manager Brian Bates!

Bates recently gave away the secret of Grimace's true form in an interview with CBC, where towards the end of the interview he was asked:

"What is Grimace, anyway? "

To which bates replied:

"He is an enormous taste bud, but a taste bud nonetheless."

People were not best pleased about the discovery...

The fact that Grimace's entire body is one giant taste bud had a lot of individuals understandably unsettled. I guess it goes to show, be careful what you wish for...especially if you're wishing to understand the origins of fast-food mascots!

The fact that Grimace's entire being can taste was what unsettled most.

Other individuals had similarly creepy takes such as:

"There are more than 8,000 nerve endings in the tip of the Grimace alone." — MilesKlee

"Theoretically, this means that if you were shake Grimace's hand, he would be able to taste you." — Clifton Adcock

"So the biggest taste bud on earth's name is Grimace and they didn't think that would translate to their food? You don't grimace when you eat something you like." — Pinche-Shädowmän

Most just wished that they could go back to simpler times, before they knew the truth!

Information of this magnitude can naturally be quite a shock to the system, especially for one individual who wrote:

"My entire world view has been upended. I mean, I never knew what the hell Grimace was, but I didn't think it was THIS." — Marcus Mauney

This discovery also threw up other questions concerning Uncle O'Grimacey... and with very good reason.

I did not know that Uncle O'Grimacey was even a thing until today! But, according to the McDonald's wiki, Uncle O'Grimacey is "Grimace's Irish uncle."

It does seem a little confusing as to why they would have named him "Grimace" considering what he is...

Surely they would have named him after something that is a positive expression?

One suggestion was, "Should've named it Taster or Tasty." However, I still find that a little unsettling.

Side-by-side comparisons do not help either!

While it is possible to see where they got the inspiration from with this side-by-side, it doesn't make it any less creepy.

Another object which someone thought Grimace looked like was: "I thought he was a chicken nugget found under the deep fryer over a month later."

Some individuals took the news to places that no one else would have thought to...

Yes, this paraphrasing of Cormac McCarthy's Blood Meridian, or the Evening Redness in the West will live in my brain rent-free for as long as I live. This is the crossover that no one asked for, and yet here it is thanks to the internet folk.

How do you feel about Grimace being a giant taste bud?

It really does throw up a whole lot of questions about his anatomy, questions that I do not want to ask or to be answered now that I think about it!

Let us know whether or not you like the idea of Grimace being a giant tastebud in the comments...although, I can already make a pretty surefire guess which one people will be on the side of.

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