Wife Seeks Advice After Husband Who Mocked Her Business Wants Its Profits

People who find success in life tend to have a pretty long memory for those who helped them along the way, but they often have an even longer one for those who didn't.

And considering how commonly those in a relationship will find themselves fighting over money, that's especially true when one of the people who didn't support them was their own spouse.

Granted, it isn't always fair to blame them for that because some decisions in life and business are riskier than others. But when we're proven wrong for doubting someone, it's usually pretty humbling to see them flourish later.

However, this apparently wasn't the case for one man if we can go by his wife's account of the situation she now finds herself in.

Since she's an outdoorsy type with a particular passion for gardening, the woman we're about to hear from hasn't exactly enjoyed working from home.

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So as she explained in a Reddit post, she decided to use her large backyard to grow flowers, arrange them into bouquets, and sell them online as a side business.

But when she told her husband about this plan, he said it was the worst idea ever and that it would be a massive waste of time and money.

However, she was undeterred and after 18 months, she had enough customers that her business started bringing in good money.

But while the husband was impressed, it wasn't in the way the woman expected as he started referring to it as "their" business.

And when she reminded him that he contributed nothing (not even moral support) to building it, he responded with, "Well...I didn't honestly think your little gardening hobby was going to get anywhere but now that business is 'flourishing' I want my fair share of profit and won't settle for less than 50%."

As for how he could possibly think he's entitled to that, his answer was that she was growing her flowers on "his" soil.

And when the woman said that both of their names were on the title for the house and therefore the yard, he replied that he owned it before she arrived so it's technically his.

This led her to remind him that they'd have to split the cost of it if they separated, to which he said it was silly to suggest that rather than pay him what he "richly deserves" despite putting no actual work into the business.

In the woman's words, "We had an argument about it and he apologized BUT ONLY for approaching the subject rudely but still wants 50%."

And while the Reddit community she reached out to was firmly on her side, they saw a potentially thorny legal situation ahead of her.

Because while some advised her to register the business in her name and divorce him, others warned that doing this would all but guarantee he ends up with 50% of the profits as he wanted. After all, the business would've officially started after they were married.

But if she wasn't prepared to end the marriage entirely, one user had another idea to make him wish he worded his demands more carefully.

As they put it, "I think you should total up your earnings, and then deduct every expense, then pay yourself an hourly wage that depletes all of the income down to the last dollar, and then give him $.50. 'Here’s your half!'"

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