Ben Affleck Ignoring Fans Sparks Debate About Celebrities' Privacy

Look, I'm a big believer that being a celebrity is one of the easiest jobs in the world. Sure, it comes with its challenges and controversies — I don't deny that, but it also comes with a very generous paycheque that means they'll never have to worry about the things us everyday folk worry about.

With this power comes great responsibility, and a lot of fans, which means you're under a microscope a lot.

I can't lie to you all, when I hear about a celebrity being rude, it *really* grinds my gears.

As a celebrity, you have an international platform, millions of fans and millions of dollars. The least you can do is be kind to the fans who got you to where you are now.

So when I saw this video of Ben Affleck ignoring a fan while out and about, it really made me upset.

I understand not wanting to take a picture or strike up a long chat with someone, but not even having the decency to say hello back? That just feels so rude.

"One of my good friends saw Ben Affleck when he passed by. He said hi but Ben ignored him," the caption on the video read.

The clip shows Ben going up the escalator and avoiding eye contact with the person greeting him.


Naturally, a debate soon sparked in the comment section about Ben's behaviour. Some felt it was warranted, while others thought it was rude.

"Be humble Ben. Your fans are the ones who get you paid," wrote one user.

"Fame comes with a price just saying be humble and nice to fans," echoed a different user.

Some fans defended the actor, explaining he's only human and probably doesn't have it in him to be friendly all day, every day.

"He’s minding his own business… celebs aren’t zoo animals. Let them be," commented one user.

"Seriously? About 400 people a day probably say hi to him. He probably can’t even keep a train of thought," agreed a different user.

To be honest, I see both sides of this argument!

I understand being disappointed by Ben, but maybe if he put his phone away and just tried having a genuine conversation with him, this would have gone over better.

What do you make of the video? Let us know in the comments below.