Couple Opts For 'Beer Boy' Instead Of Flower Girl For Their Wedding

There are so many wedding traditions that are near and dear to every couple's heart: bridesmaids, groomsman, first dance, vows, and of course, a rocking reception! However, there are some traditions that more and more newlyweds are ditching — the dreaded garter belt toss (thank gosh), white wedding gowns (there are so many color possibilities), and the bouquet toss (those flowers are expensive).

Instead of ditching some traditions all together, some couples are choosing to give these classic wedding staples a facelift!

For example, many brides are opting for different bridesmaid dresses for every gal instead of one dress for everyone. It makes them a lot more unique — not to mention more flattering!

Another classic trend that is getting a facelift is the role of the flower girl.

As you may have seen, some couples have been opting for a "flower dude" instead of the traditional flower girl. This viral trend gained traction last year, but I have a feeling the lastest rendition of the flower girl trend will be the most popular yet.

Instead of handing out just flower petals, a bride and groom recently opted for a "beer boy" for their big day.

The role is just as fun and unique as it sounds. TikTok user @dekemp shared a video of his barefoot friend passing out cold beers and tossing flower petals at the guests.

This is all happening while an acoustic version of "Get Low" plays in the background so yeah... this is kind of the best wedding ever.

Would you ever consider doing something like this? Let us know in the comments down below!