People Disgusted By Woman Using Live Snails For Facial Skin Routine

People love a good beauty hack! Some individuals will go to all sorts of lengths to try and make sure that their skin stays looking youthful and in good condition.

However, there are some beauty hacks that are a step too far for the majority of the general public — one such hack being placing live snails on your face.

TikToker rose.friederike loves finding interesting skincare ideas.

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In fact, Rose's TikTok account is pretty much exclusively limited to demonstrations of her trying out beauty products — some of which are pretty straightforward, and some of which are far from ordinary!

One of her more bizarre videos includes her placing live snails on her face.

Yes, you read that right, live snails are placed directly onto her face. Rose's snail-based video was posted alongside the caption, "Say Hello to Herbert 🐌 and Elsa 🐌."

Rose does take some time at the start to gently stroke one of the snails' shells while whispering "hello," all of which you can see below.

Rose then sprays her face before placing the snails onto her face one by one.

The snails take a few seconds to grab onto her face, so she has to hold them next to her skin while the snails take hold of her face.

The snails then traipse around her face for a few moments before she removes them, slime and all.

However, one of the snails does not want to let go.

Rose has to carefully pry off one of the snails that takes quite a shine to her eye.

Once her face is free of the snails, Rose shows off her skin post-snail-treatment.

A lot of people found Rose's video to be cruel.

Some of the more passionate responses to Rose's video came in the forms of:

"Why would you do that? It doesn't make ur skin better and it's just cruel to the [snail]."

"Bad for the snails, not to mention you should never pick a snail up by its shell if it's out of it."

"Poor animals [they] are individuals NOT beauty products!!!!"

Apparently, snail-based beauty treatments have been around for longer than you may think.

Gregory Bays Brown MD, a New York-based plastic surgeon, has invested a lot of time into the idea of using snails as a form of skincare:

"Historically many societies, especially ancient ones and more recently France, have used live snails as anti-aging 'devices," he told Everyday Health.

However, whether you think that this treatment might be good for your skin or not, you have to get over the step of actually having snails placed onto your face.

While you shouldn't just head into your garden to find any snails to put on your face, do you think that you will be keen to try snail treatment at a professional spa? Let us know in the comments below!

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