Doctor Explains The Disgusting Reason Why We Shouldn't Hold In Our Farts

Let's face it, the business of simply being human is pretty gross.

Not only do we have to put regular effort into making sure that both our bodies and our surroundings don't become completely disgusting, but we need to produce a variety of unpleasant and foul-smelling waste products for our bodies to function efficiently.

But fortunately, there are enough people that find the dirtier parts of our bodies fascinating that we have someone to turn to when things go wrong with them.

And while I'm specifically thinking of proctologists and urologists when I say that, more generalized medical practitioners tend to have a lot of experience with those aspects of our bodies.

We were recently treated to the fruits of that experience when one doctor we've heard from before decided to educate us all about farts.

London-based doctor Karan Raj has amassed quite a following by now and one among them was a little concerned about their farts.

Apparently, they farted 16 times in one day and wondered if that was cause for concern only to be told that the average farts per day ratio is 14, but that more is fine.

This apparently opened the floodgates for Raj to treat us to a barrage of fart-related facts that you can see in the full video if you're curious.

Along with this fact that should have us giggling immaturely at every birthday party from now on, he told us that anyone who claims not to fart is lying.

Well, either that or they're suffering from a bowel obstruction and should seek medical attention immediately.

He also told us that 99% of a fart's components aren't smelly at all and that their much-hated odors come from the 1% of volatile sulphur compounds such as hydrogen sulphide that may show up in a given fart.

And this fact goes a long way to explain why it's more of a gamble to hold a fart in than we may think.

That's because holding in a fart for "too long" can have some potentially gross results.

And it's hard to tell how long "too long" is because it's not as though our bodies work exactly the same way.

But if that "too long" threshold is crossed, Raj said that our farts can be absorbed through our bloodstreams and breathed out when we exhale.

Yeah, it turns out we aren't sparing people from a stink as much we might expect when we do that.

But as you'll see from the full video, those only make up a small sample of the fart facts that Raj has for us.

So if you've ever wondered why farts sound the way they do and how they tend to brew inside of us, you need look no further than right here.

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