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Dairy Queen Sign Offering $2,400 Bonus For New Workers Tagged As A 'Trap'

Since the Covid-19 pandemic hit, many places have been struggling to hire employees. With federal unemployment still paying a vast majority of the nation, individuals are less likely to go back to work for minimum wage. However, the unemployment umbrella is set to expire, and businesses are trying to stay afloat to keep employees and gain new ones, as well.

Some places are offering incentives for new employees to join.

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Some companies and businesses are offering perks and incentives to try to gain new employees. Without employees to work, many places have been forced to shut down and close permanently, unable to stay afloat due to loss of business during the shut down due to Covid in 2020.

TikTok users have been sharing different businesses who are offering incentives.

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Big-ticket companies and big names that are global and have the funds are able to offer sign-on bonuses and perks, whereas mom-and-pop shops are unable to sustain this kind of marketing. However, not everyone is totally buying the whole "incentive" based employment, and seeing it as a trap.

TikTok user @randa_lauryn shared Dairy Queen's latest "sign on incentive."

In the video, Dairy Queen has a sign on the lawn of one of their locations that showcases the business is offering a $2,400 bonus for new workers who sign on to work with them. Of course, $2,400 sounds like an excellent incentive for gaining a new job.

The TikTok showcases that Randa is in it to win it.

The video, which uses a viral TikTok trend of "Phone Ya" showcases that Randa (and pretty much anyone) would sign up to work for Dairy Queen if they are going to be paying employees $2,400 to sign up and work for them.

Some people said that "they don't tell you" how long you have to work there.

Many assume the sign means that if you sign up to work there, you'll get a bonus of $2,400 just by working there. However, others said they probably make you work an allotted amount of time before you get the full payout.

Others on TikTok said it's a total trap.

One person said that this showcases the workplace is probably toxic and not a "great place" to work. However, they admitted that sometimes we just have to hustle where we can and when we can, no matter what.

Another person made a valid point about big business.

Jessica Brooke said that this is "proof" that they can raise their wages for employees, as they have the extra money, they just don't want to raise them. Overall, if they do have all this extra bonus money, they can allocate it to salaries.

One person said that they actually got the bonus.

One person said that they got a $3,000 sign-on bonus for their job. Half of it is paid out in September, while the other half is paid out 6 months after. This way, they know the person is staying on.

One person also said that if anyone thought it was a "one day" bonus, they're not thinking straight.

Another person said that if anyone thinks they're going to get $2,400 on the first day for signing up, they're clearly foolish. To be honest, I don't think any company will pay out on the first day, knowing you can quit right after. Sorry!

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