People Are Sharing Which Canceled TV Shows Should Be Brought Back

One of the biggest heartbreaks one can ever experience is watching a show, hitting an abrupt end, then learning that not only are there not more episodes to watch right now, but there will never be any more ever again. The show was canceled before it finished.

A Reddit post asked what canceled shows people want to bring back, and these are the answers.

Futuristic concepts.

"Almost Human. Karl Urban plays a detective in the future who has an Android (human like robot) partner. I really enjoyed the sci fi twists on a procedural drama like 3D printed designer drugs. It ended on a [cliffhanger]. Just another case of Fox canceling a good show."

Still well loved.

"Eureka. I loved this show..hated to see it end. Was a good arc tho."

Loads of people agreed with this one, myself included! "Wow, I thought this was such a niche show, surprised people still remember this," someone else added, "I actually just finished finally watching the series in its entirety. Such a lovable show."

Learning definitions.

"Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency."

"I never watched this myself, but my dad did. One day I walked in the room in the middle of an episode, and I have never been more confused in my life. I now know why it is called a 'Holistic' detective agency."

A place for everyone.

"Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends."

Some people thought this show ended at just the right time, though: "The original creator ran out of ideas over the multitude of seasons that came out. The show was unique and it stayed that way, he also let it end that way as to not overlap ideas for similar episodes."

A strong lineup.

Another SyFy show that people miss greatly, "Warehouse 13."

"I have rewatched this twice this year now. That was a show that was gone wayyy too soon. I am glad they fought for its final season and won - even if they had to cut it down to 5 eps. I still hope for them to bring it back."

The perfect setup.

"Clone High. Season 1 ended on a cliffhanger, and anyone who watched the show has never gotten over this injustice."

Someone made an excellent point about said cliffhanger: " The season ended with every major character being flash-frozen. The writers actually left themselves the perfect set-up to just pick up right where they left off no matter how much time passes."

Historical appreciation.

"HBO’s Rome. They had a masterpiece on their hands and threw it away because the BBC wouldn’t promote it and it was too expensive. If you haven’t watched it, you are doing yourself a disservice even if you have no interest in Roman History"

Right through the heart.

"My Name is Earl."

Whoa, I totally forgot about this show! I feel like I unlocked a secret memory.

"Yep, this is the only show where I truly felt devastated when it got cancelled," shared one user. "And it was still pretty much in its prime when it got the axe too, with a cliffhanger season ending and everything."

Gone, but not forgotten.

"Pushing Daisies."

Another by Bryan Fuller, who seems to have a knack for making fantastic shows that are canceled too soon.

"This was such a great show and it was just entirely beautiful. The cinematography was absolutely incredible. There are other shows that have great cinematography, but this was just exceptional."

Based in reality.

"Courage The Cowardly Dog."

One reply decided to treat everyone to a frightening fact, "[...] Nowhere is based on an actual real life town called [Truth or Consequences] in New Mexico. An elderly couple who lived there would often report paranormal things in their surroundings, until they both vanished with no trace, leaving their dog as the only survivor in the house."

Real-world application.

"Freaks and Geeks. It was the James Franco/Seth Rogen squad before they made it big. Amazing show."

A reply to this answer shared a sweet story: "[...] because Apatow felt so bad that these kids had dropped out of high school and stuff, he spent weeks teaching Segel and Rogen and Starr and Franco how to write screenplays [...] and pitch ideas and get into other shows and movies... really took them under his wing and obviously that reach is pretty wide now."

Cut short.

"Limitless, it was a great watch and ended so suddenly with no explanation."

After admitting they didn't watch the original airing, one user replied, "After watching it on Netflix, it's really a shame it didn't get to play out longer. They were managing a good, engaging story that teased at the huge things that might happen down the road."

Hanging it up.

"Ash vs The Evil Dead."

The amount of people in the replies who didn't even know this show was canceled was a little surprising, but one response laid out why. "I agree [that it should come back] but Bruce Campbell does not sadly. The last season he said it is time for him to hang up his hat on Ash for good this time."

Never the same.

"Penny Dreadful (I know it's getting a spin-off but I want a continuation of the original story)."

I don't blame them for adding that disclaimer. While spinoffs and movies are nice, they almost never feel like the original series you still yearn for.

They've proved enough.


An absolute classic, I'll forever hold onto memories of sitting in my basement watching Mythbusters marathons on TV.

Though, I guess there are only so many myths they can bust before they start really reaching, so who can really blame them for cutting it when they did?

A long run.


Though some pointed out that it did, quite literally, have hundreds of episodes, people still miss it. "It's from a different era of TV," explains one comment. "It was a fun, light weekly show about adventure, history and cool sci fi concepts. They just don't make shows like that anymore."

Standing out.

"Quantum Leap. It didn't need world saving story lines or famous people (though they did a few), it was just about ordinary people with regular problems. And it wasn't number 294 cop/detective or doctor show. It was genuinely unique. It was cheesy at times, but always enjoyable."

Iconic follow-up.


This is one I feel strongly about, too. As this commenter put it, "This is my favourite show to this day, it’s so brilliant! Mads Mikkelsen and Hugh Dancy both nailed their performances."

It's nice to see so many people agreeing that Mikkelsen made for an amazing Hannibal Lecter.

Teaching a lesson.

"The original Teen Titans."

Though many people were lamenting the loss of this show, one swept in to clarify something: "I feel like people miss the theme of the last episode. It's about letting go. It's not a cliff hanger, it's a message that things won't always wrap up how you want them to."

Major major influences.

"Lie to Me. I rewatch it regularly on Hulu. My Psychology teacher in high school showed us a few episodes and it’s a big reason why psychology was my major in college."