Woman Shares Video Of Dating 'Red Flag' She Caught On Camera: 'I'm Ghosting'

Dating is difficult — always has been, always will be. Sure, back in my day we didn't meet on dating apps, but we also didn't have the ability to creep the guy we went on the date with beforehand to find out if he was, well, a creep.

Now, dating has gotten so technologically advanced that women can pick up dating red flags and catch them on camera.

When it comes to dating, we all have our red flags.

Does he still live with his ex? Red flag.

Has he asked to borrow money from you several times before y'all have even become official? Red flag.

Does he get phone calls from women named "Sandra" and "Roxanne" in the middle of the night every single night? Red flag!!!!

There are just some red flags that can't be ignored, especially when it comes to being a gentleman.

One young woman is revealing the red flag that led her to the conclusion that she had to ghost the guy she recently went on a date with.

Of course, ghosting someone means truly, disapearing like a ghost and never talking to that person again.

In a video taken from her house's doorbell camera, TikTok user Jade Alyzaee showed her followers why this guy was not getting a second date.

The footage shows her walking up to her front door after being dropped off by her date.

The screen reads "when ur date doesn't wait for u to get in ur house b4 driving away."

You can then see Jade looking back before saying "and he didn't even wait until I got into the house."

"Red flag #2," she continued. "I am ghosting."

According to the video's comments, red flag #1 was him not opening ANY doors for her.

As a woman, it's so telling if a man doesn't wait until I'm in the house safely before driving away! What's your take on the situation? Let us know in the comments below!