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After A Haughty Customer Gives Negative Tip For Bad Service, They Get Torn To Shreds

Serving is an extremely hard job. While some people feel as though working in the food industry is easy and something to do to "pass time" and work as even a side hustle, waiting tables is extremely hard.

Many don't realize how much it actually takes out of you to be a server and how much you have to deal with on an everyday basis.

Servers have to deal with a lot of stress.

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As a server, you deal with a lot of people who have zero patience and who are outright rude. Not only are customers sometimes terrible to them, but the kitchen staff and managers also sometimes can snap at them and blame them for things out of their control.

Customers often feel as though their servers are to blame for everything.

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Servers can't control how long people wait for tables, how long it takes the food to come out of the kitchen, or when there are mistakes made on orders. Many times, they are the ones who are the brunt of the aggression about these things though.

Many people feel that if things don't go their way, they can tip less.

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In the United States, servers usually work for minimum wage and make the majority of their salary and money from tipping. However, when customers have to wait, things go wrong, or even if they have a bad experience, they blame the server and take it out on their tip.

One TikTok user showcased this outright in a now viral video online.

The TikTok user wrote on the video that they had received the "wrong food," they also "waited forever," and that the waitress was "rude."

They claimed it was "so sad" and decided to pull a stunt that not many of us would ever even dream of doing.

They decided to leave a "negative tip."

Instead of leaving a bad tip, or no tip at all, the customer decided to leave a "negative tip."

Meaning, they subtracted whatever their bill was and said the total amount was "zero." They signed and decided this was going to be the way they handled the situation.

People on TikTok ripped the user to shreds for being so cruel and rude.

One TikTok user asked if the customer had said anything to the waitress or waiter about the wrong order. They also asked if they had given them a chance to fix it. They reminded them to ask if the restaurant was busy and/or understaffed, to explain the issues with waiting.

Another pointed out that this person clearly never worked in customer service.

Another TikTok user said this person online clearly never worked in customer service, or else they'd never ever make a joke like this.

It is a different world after you have been in their shoes and understand how it feels to be the brunt of this.

Others commented on how "ungrateful" people can be.

One person said that everyone in the world was "begging" bars and restaurants to reopen and when they did, they still treat workers terribly for risking their lives to serve others.

They also pointed out that line cooks were a high Covid-19 death rate, as many worked through the pandemic.

And, finally, one person said what we were all thinking.

The TikTok user complained about the waitress being rude, and one person pointed out that every server is human.

We all have off days and when we do, it can impact our life and our job. It's nice to have empathy for others when we see it happening.