Pink Expresses Concern Over 14-Year-Old Star Being 'Exploited' After Posing In A Bikini

Pink has always been outspoken about what she believes in.

Whether that's embracing her post-baby body, refusing to be pitted against other famous singers, or ensuring she has her family with her on tour, she isn't afraid to speak up.

So when she saw a 14-year-old YouTuber post a bikini selfie, she took to Twitter to share her concerns.

This is Piper Rockelle.

If you haven't heard of her, she's a 14-year-old YouTuber with more than 8 million subscribers on her YouTube channel alone.

She's known for posting a lot of prank videos and trending challenges, making her a popular figure among teens.

Recently, she caused quite the stir when she posted selfies of herself on Instagram in a two-piece bikini.

There were six images in total, showcasing her posing with her tongue out, another showing her butt in the water, and one even showing off her feet.

This caused many to react negatively.

"Aren't you 12?" one user wrote, pointing out how she's too young to be showing too much skin to her almost five million followers.

"you need to act your age," one commented. "Soo pretty but I'm worried about the feet picture because there are some creeps out there," another added.

Many expressed concerns over her photos being sexualized by predators.

"I have a horrible feeling that they will save these photos and try and find you which is why I’m concerned."

Unfortunately, there were already some inappropriate comments, like this user pointed out: "there are grown men commenting disgusting things on here dude, this is nasty."

Among those concerned was Pink who took to Twitter to criticize Piper's parents.

"How many kids like Piper Rockelle are being exploited by their parents?” Pink wrote. “And at what point do the rest of us say … ‘this isn’t okay for a 13 yr old to be posing in a bikini whilst her MOTHER takes the photo?!?!”

Despite her tweet, the eighth-grader has a hard time believing that Pink has been tuning in to her YouTube channel.

“I don’t think Pink has ever seen one of my YouTube videos because if she did, she’d see it’s just my friends and me having fun and acting like ourselves,” Rockelle told TODAY Parents.

“The content we make is the kind of stuff anyone can watch.”

She also addressed the comments the singer made about her swimsuit.

“There’s nothing wrong with being in a bikini,” Rockelle said. “Why do we shame people for that? Pictures of teenagers in bikinis having fun are not sexual. They’re only sexual if you view us that way.”

Piper's mom, Tiffany Rockelle, also spoke to *Today Parents* to defend herself.

"Since Piper was a child, she has had a strong love of performing and she has always had a dream," Tiffany said. "So long as Piper wants to do this and it's her passion, I'm here for her to follow that dream and protect her."

When speaking to TMZ, Piper insisted that she's in charge of her career; not her parents.

"I know there are kids who are being taken advantage of and that's a real problem, but I'm not one of them." She also adamantly defended her mother for supporting her aspirations.

"The first thing I want everyone to know is that my mom doesn't make me do anything," she said.

"Quite the opposite, I'm a kid who had a dream and my mom is amazing enough to help me live it out."

She told TMZ that she wore the two-piece because it's summer.

Finally, Piper turned the tables back on Pink, asking why it's okay that she started following her dreams of stardom at the same age she is.

So far, Pink has yet to comment back.

Until she does, let us know your thoughts.

Was Pink overstepping her boundaries? Or is the 14-year-old allowed to post whatever she wants? Let us know in the comments!