New Homeowners Are Touched After Finding Message On The Wall Left By Family Before Them

Moving is one of the most exhausting tasks ever. Sure, it's fun and exciting to embark on a new adventure for your family's living accommodations, but it is not fun to get there. It is not fun to pack up everything you own for weeks only to have to unpack it days later.

However, if I found a sweet note like this one family did, it would totally (probably) change my crusty mood!

As stressful as moving can be, it can also be incredibly emotional.

Unsplash | Erda Estremera

If you're someone like me who finds nostalgia in everything uprooting your life to a new space can be incredibly sentimental and will 99% of the time lead to tears.

This is especially true when it comes to leaving homes your grew up in/ raised your own children in.

I will find meaning and memories in every nook and cranny.

Oh, that's the corner where Sarah first learned how angry I can get after she brought three frogs inside the house!

Aw, that's the carpet that Connor spilled red wine on and tried to hide it from us by moving the couch!

Now, one family is getting to share in the previous homeowners memories after discovering a message left behind for them.

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"My daughter was putting things away and saw it," Susan Marie Smuzinsky told FOX News of the message on the pantry wall. "I got goosebumps and honestly a bit teary-eyed."

As it turns out, Susan had actually lived next door to the home for a while before purchasing it and knew a bit about the couple who lived there previously.

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"We knew them but not well," she said, explaining that the area is very rural. "They were the second owners of the home and bought the house in 1971. The husband passed away from cancer and the wife went into a nursing home a few years later."

The couple had raised their family there with many happy memories, and according to the note, are hoping another family will do the same.

"We loved, laughed, cried and played here. We pray you will too. God bless," the message read.

Susan explained that the home sat empty for a while before being listed.

Unsplash | Phil Hearing

Although Susan admits she wasn't considering buying a house at the time, she went to a viewing of the house because she was being "nosy" — hey, we've all been there!

"As soon as I walked in [to view it] I felt at home," she told the news outlet.

"I kept thinking if someone else gets it my heart will be broken and I'll have to move because I won't be able to see anyone else in it."

As for the message, she has no plans on removing it: "I just hope that if the previous family ever drives by they will see their home is being treated with care and respect and loved just as much as they loved it."

Such a beautiful story!

h/t: FOX News