Business Owner Breaks Down In Tears After Receiving Mean Letter From A 'Karen' Over Lollipops

There's nothing worse than doing something nice for someone only to have it thrown back in your face. We've all been there and it totally sucks. Now, one small business owner is sharing her experience with a "Karen" who shamed her for including free lollipops in her order.

I know, right? So sinister. I wonder if Edgar Allen Poe knows about that one!

As someone with food intolerances, I know how tricky it can be to navigate food, *especially* free food.

I never want to be rude by declining something, however, if I know it's going to make me sick for hours, I have no choice but to say "no thank you" when my co-worker offers me a slice of non-gluten-free birthday cake.

I'm sorry, Greg from finance, I still wish you a happy birthday — I just can't eat your cake!

What I would never do, however, is insult someone who offered me something with gluten.

Unsplash | Wesual Click

Not everyone knows what ingredients are in everything, and not everyone knows I'm gluten intolerant. It would be wild of me to get mad at someone for just being kind and generous.

Well, as it turns out, a small business owner has learned the hard way a "Karen" can be angry about anything, even lollipops!

Taking to TikTok, TLC Body founder Carissa Collins shared her upsetting experience with a female customer last week.

"Oh my god... normally emails like this wouldn't get to me too much, but today has been a day.." Carissa began.

"I literally just received an email from a customer complaining about me giving them a lolly."

"A bloody lolly in their order. Honestly, how this email was worded, it was almost as if I had stabbed them or something," she added.

Carissa then shared a screenshot of the email where the irate "Karen" writes she will "no longer purchase any more products as she can't trust her word."

The woman goes on to question what Carissa stood to gain from "Sending someone a bit of sugary junk" before adding "if they (lollies) were vegan I would have at least appreciated the thought."

An emotional Carissa asked: "when did it become OK to speak to people like this... what the hell. I am trying to do a nice thing by giving free gifts with orders."

"If you don't like a lolly, don't eat it," she concluded.

If something that is included for free doesn't align with your dietary restrictions, don't eat it! Throw it out, or give it to a friend!

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