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Husband Accuses Mom Of Being Selfish For Not Breastfeeding Through The Pain

When mothers give birth to babies, there is a choice that they have to make in terms of nourishing and feeding their newborn baby. Some mothers choose to breastfeed their baby but, others decide to formula feed their baby. While both ways of feeding give the child the necessary nourishment and food that they need, some agree that one is better than the other.

One mother recently wrote into Reddit seeking advice about her husband.

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The mom wrote into Reddit saying that she and her husband recently had a baby boy together. After having her son, her husband brought up that he wanted to have her breastfeed their son and it should be the "go-to" method of feeding.

However, do to medical reasons, she couldn't breastfeed.

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The mom said that every time she tried to breastfeed she would experience "pain and discomfort."

She tried several different methods and strategies but couldn't get it to work without being in immense pain. So, she decided to switch to formula.

Her husband is very unhappy with her choice.

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Her husband said she made a "hasty" decision and was unhappy that the mother decided to breastfeed their son.

He had "done extensive research on the benefits of breastfeeding," and felt it was the best way for their son to get all the minerals and nutrients that he needed.

The mom stood by her decision, but the husband kept giving her "uncomfortable looks" when she was feeding.

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Whenever she was feeding their son formula, he kept giving her "uncomfortable looks." So, she asked him what the problem was. He, again, said that she gave up breastfeeding "too quickly."

He also told his wife that she had given up the opportunity to bond with their son.

When explaining to her husband why she chose formula, he still persisted.

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Her husband didn't seem to care that she was in pain, or uncomfortable.

Instead, he said that she was paying too close attention to the short-term stuff and not caring at all about what would happen to their son in the long term.

The two still are in disagreement.

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The mom "lost her temper," telling him he has no right to tell her what is and isn't right when it comes to her body and discomfort.

Her husband snapped saying that as a parent he has the right to say what happens to his son, too.

The Reddit user asked the community if she's wrong for asking her husband to respect her choice.

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Many said the mom is 100% right.

"Fed and happy parents is actually best! A mother in pain every time she feeds her baby will seriously danger the bonding process (which by the way occurs when you care for a child, not how you feed it)," one person commented.

Others said if she doesn't want to breastfeed, she doesn't need a reason.

"He’s guilt-tripping you and as much as he has a right as a parent to be included in decisions of the baby he does not have a right to tell you what you should do with your body.

No one does except you and You not breastfeeding because it causes you pain is a great reason but you know what else is a good reason? You simply don’t want to," another added.

Another added that the husband was wrong for "beating a dead horse."

"There is a difference between sharing an opinion and beating a dead horse. He gave you his opinion and you acknowledged it. Then he didn’t drop it and brings it up again and again. You listened to his opinion, but it doesn’t sound like he listened to you if he brings it up again and again," said another commenter.

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