Labor Chill Has DQ Offering $2,400 Hiring Bonus, But Some Say 'It's A Trap'

Signing bonuses have existed probably almost as long as employment has. It's an extra incentive to choose one job over another, or in the case of the world right now, any job at all.

A Dairy Queen was spotted offering a pretty sizeable hiring bonus, but people were quick to jump on it and discredit it, not believing it to be as simple as it looked.

The current labor shortage has put many companies in a bind.

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In what seems like a desperate attempt to attract workers, some establishments are offering hefty signing bonuses for new hires.

Even with these offered bonuses, though, many people still aren't convinced. This is perfectly illustrated in the comment section of one TikTok.

Uploaded by user @randa_lauryn, the video now has over 600k views.

The video features no speaking from the uploader, just a song in the background, but it shows a sign outside a Dairy Queen advertising a $2400 'sign-up bonus'.

The videographer seemed impressed, turning the camera on herself and miming a phone call in line with the song.

However, the audience didn't feel the same way.

They simply weren't convinced it was such a good deal, or rather, that it was a 'too good to be true' type offer that came with catches and requirements. Certainly not the straightforward-seeming bonus advertised on the sign.

Accusations flew immediately, the comments filling with speculations.

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"They don't tell you that you have to work there for a year to claim it," wrote one user, holding the top comment.

"I wouldn't do's a trap," another wrote.

"They don't give it to you right away," said another. "Maybe an extra $10 on a check per week until you hit the $2400."

Others took the generous offer as an indicator of a bad work environment.

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"If [they're] offering signing bonuses it's probably not a great place to work," pointed out one comment. "But sometimes we gotta hustle where we can."

"Tell me it's a toxic work environment without telling me it's a toxic work environment," read another comment.

There was one person who reportedly took on an even bigger signup bonus with Dairy Queen.

Pexels | Somben Chea

"I got a $3k sign on bonus," they explained. "They gonna pay me $1500 in September and $1500 6 months after I worked there."

The replies to this comment all pointed out that the other guesses were correct, it's not an immediate hiring bonus, but a delayed one.

So, despite Dairy Queen's tactics, they might not have people running in to apply.

It seems those on the lookout for these types of offers remain apprehensive, always looking for a catch to see if it's truly worth their time.

Fast-food chains and other establishments in need of workers might need to find some new strategies to get employees in the door.

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