20 Times People Turned Familiar Faces Into Nightmare Fuel

We all have fond memories of certain childhood characters that bring a smile to our face whenever we see them. However, there are some individuals out there who seek to destroy our memory of these loveable scamps, by turning them into terrifying versions of themselves.

So, from versions of Elmo that feast upon children's tears to Minions that have longstanding drug addictions here are 20 times people turned familiar faces into nightmare fuel!

"This thing horrifies me..."

I know that the new Space Jam film didn't get very well received but I didn't think that it would push Bugs Bunny into a life of drug addiction and singing songs for loose change! It's a real tragedy.

"Please tell me this doesn't really exist..."

I feel as though my nightmares tonight will feature this being. It will be this version of Thomas The Tank Engine trundling towards me while the theme tune plays slowly on a harpsichord.

"This is incredibly disturbing."

Why did they give Shrek such gangly, slender limbs? One thing that Shrek is not known for is having slim limbs! The faces are the worst part of these though, they look weird pleased with themselves...but over what?

"The classic Vini The Pooh!"

I bet that Vini The Pooh talks with a gravelly voice from having smoked one hundred bifters a day since he was two. I also feel as though he is involved in a fair few ponzi schemes.

"Wtf did I just find in a thrift-store in Denmark..."

What is genuinely amazing about this is that the little text in Danish at the top reads, "By the producer who has seen Shrek." The audacity of that is nothing short of majestic!

Evil Elmo...

You would not think that putting the eyes together at the centre of Elmo's head would have such a profound effect on the overall vibe, and yet here we are. He looks like something out of Don't Hug Me I'm Scared now.

"Pure nightmare fuel..."

Wow, so for the meagre price of $30 you can never sleep soundly ever again! Sure, you might try and throw this bear out, but it will always find its way back to your dreams. You will never escape it.

"This cover is a mystery!"

Zoinks, it looks like the gang are in real trouble now! Will they ever manage to get their heads back to their respective bodies? Dear God I hope so, as Fred's head on Daphne's body is unavoidably terrifying.

"To the edge of space and no further!"

It looks like there might be a snake in Woody's brain here. That is one hell of a vacant expression that he has on his face. I think the lights are on but there is nobody home.

"Who lives in a pineapple burnt third degree!"

Wow, what a terrifying thing to see. Spongebob probably thought that the surface world would be full of fun and games. Instead, he was forced to swallow coal and set alight for the warmth of the surface dwellers.

"Found at a crappy kids' theme park."

I think that this Winnie The Pooh might actually be more unsettling than the last one, as this one implies that a man has already killed and skinned Pooh. Now he just wanders around wearing the deceased Pooh's carcass.

"My favorite ice cream!"

This looks like the sort of van that the police would put out a picture of along with a warning to "not approach under any circumstances!" Bart's face and tongue is especially upsetting to look at.

"Early Ronald McDonald was a terrifying being!"

I cannot help but feel as though this picture is from IT. This looks like the picture that they pull up when they are trying to figure out when "all the trouble first started!"


I never liked Barney The Dinosaur as a child, and this photograph has not exactly endeared him to me in any way. In fact, it has simply assured me that I was right not to trust that weird dinosaur creep!

"This minion looks like he is on something..."

It does not appear as though this minion has been asleep for a long, long time, and I don't think that it will be falling asleep any time soon either. Just don't let him near any stimulants for a while.

"So, my dog met Santa Claus."

I do not want to know what Santa whispered into this dog's ears, but I have never seen a dog look so unsettled in my life. It looks as though he is looking to his owners and saying, "Guys, a little help here."

"I found the bootleg Lighting McQueen car."

This is actually Lighting McQueen's less-than-fortunate cousin, Average McTopspeed. Still, it is good to see that he managed to find a way of making some money though! Life can be hard for a slow, sentient car with terrible eyesight.

"Please Burn That..."

The Teletubbies were kind of weird enough without making them look like drug-addled rodents who turn people inside out for sport. It also took me a long time to realise that those were some knockoff batteries as well.

"Famous Chef Ratatoing!"

As someone who has seen nearly all of this film (it is hard to sit through the entire thing), I can testify to the fact that it is absolutely horrifying. This animation will linger in the darkest corners of your mind for ages.

"Pikachu, are you okay there bud?"

Pikachu was never quite the same again after he got into a fight with a Koffing who sprayed him with acid. Some people say that he can only see in sounds and smells nowadays.