New TikTok Tip Trend Is Actually Doing Good For The World

When it comes to online "viral" trends, it's no secret a lot of them have been dangerous. Who can forget when kids were scooping spoonfuls of cinnamon in their mouths or eating Tide laundry detergent pods.

However, there is finally a trend that is going around that makes the world a better place, and I'm here to tell you all about it.

Some people are super hard on kids today, and look — I GET IT!

There's a lot to be hard on them about. A lot of them will never know a life without the instant gratification of Amazon or likes on social media, but sometimes these internet savvy ways are helping them make the world a better place!

A new trend that has been gaining momentum on the popular video sharing app TikTok shows people surprising their servers with generous tips.

Unsplash | Jessie McCall

One of the most prominent participators in the tip trend is TikToker Lexy Burke. Lexy, a self-proclaimed "serial tipper" gets donations from her followers which she then gives to a restaurant server after dining out.

Her most recent video has been gaining traction online and I promie it's the most wholesome thing you'll see on the internet today.

In the video, Lexy asks her server Al if he has Venmo, a popular money-sharing app. The server replies that he does, and goes to write down his information for her.

After a moment, Al receives the $1,000 tip from Lexy and is in disbelief.

"No. No," he says. "That’s not real life."

Lexy assured him that it is, and explains that her TikTok followers donate their spare change to her and she dines out once a week and surprises her server with the generous tip.

“Y’all are nuts, in a good way,” Al says after hugging Lexy. “In a great way, in a vessel sent from God.”

What an amazing gesture that seems to be getting more and more popular each day. Now, this is the kind of trend I can get behind!