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Random Acts Of Crochet Kindness Help Brighten People's Days

Life sucks right now. But it sucks a little less thanks to Facebook group Random Acts of Crochet Kindness.

Using their love of crochet, crafters have been leaving tiny creations in their local areas to help brighten the day for anyone who needs it.

Crocheters are insanely talented.

Unsplash | Karen Penroz

They'll crochet anything for any reason, and I respect them for that.

Some crocheters have taken to leaving little crochet presents around their towns and cities to bring some joy to their fellow citizens.

How cute is this?

This is a "worry whale" left by the Facebook group Random Acts of Crochet Kindness. This worry whale is full of happy thoughts to help anyone through a tough time. Also, I love him.

As it turns out, the Facebook group is huge.

Over 71,000 people belong to the group! It's full of people sharing the crochet items they've either left or found around their neighborhoods. Look at this little octopus!

Um, where can I find one of these taco keychains?

"Taco bout a cute keychain! Here’s my first lil taco....planning to make several more today and distribute tomorrow....hopefully these will bring some some smiles on Taco Tuesday!" Julie Dietrich Knippen shared.

They're left with the cutest notes.

I love the idea of leaving something so sweet and cuddly around to make someone else smile. Things like this make me think that maybe humanity will be okay after all.

People are always so happy to find them, too.

"Found these two cute things in my shopping trolly today with my Son. Such a lovely idea for anyone who's having a down day!" Donna Perkins shared in the group.

Octopuses are a big hit in the group.

"Found this today and just love my little octopus. This made me smile on a difficult day. Thank you so much xxx."

Honestly, if I found a crochet octopus, I would be SO HAPPY.

This one is so sweet.

"Found today whilst visiting Stratone Village Play Park with my friend and our children. My daughter found it and it made her beam from ear to ear! She couldn’t believe she was allowed to keep it! Thank you so much to who ever crocheted our wonderful little worry worm. It made our day!"

We love you, crocheters!

Kindness is hard to come by these days, but crocheters like those in the Random Acts of Crochet Kindness remind us that there is still good out there.