Woman Shuts Down Entitled Mom Who Tried To Make Her Entertain Her Kid

Flying is definitely one of those experiences that feels amazing the first time you do it, but gets old pretty quickly the more often you travel.

Part of that is because the experience of flying itself can sometimes be turbulent and nausea-inducing. And in rarer cases, passengers can find themselves running afoul of someone's idea of appropriate clothing.

But most of the time, we're going to find that the problem is our fellow passengers. But while some can act up enough that the flight crew has to restrain them, we're more likely to see cramped spaces and boredom bring the worst out in people.

And that's how it seemed to go for one passenger who had a mom try to assign her some new responsibilities.

While the woman we're about to hear from was flying to London, she was seated next to a mother and her young child.

As she explained in a Reddit post, the flight began cordially enough with the mom asking her to switch seats so her child could look out the window.

In exchange, the woman asked her to take some photos of the outside world from above and technically received what she asked for in the form of one blurry picture.

This was a little disappointing for her, but she didn't pay it much mind and started watching a movie on her phone.

This movie turned out to be *Venom* and that would become important as soon as the kid and mom switched seats again.

After a scene in which Venom bites somebody's head off, she felt a tap on her shoulder and pulled her headphones out only to hear the mom saying the movie wasn't appropriate for children.

And when asked if she had anything else, she said that she had downloaded it off of Netflix and couldn't use her internet.

She thought that was the end of it, but soon received another tap as the mom asked her to turn the movie off.

To this, she replied that she was going to watch the movie she picked out for the flight, at which point the child asked if she had any games he could play.

She said no because she was watching the movie but the mom told her to let him play something because he's bored.

In response, she said, "It's not my problem that your child is bored, you should have planned ahead," before finishing her movie while the mom and child switched seats again.

But while her headphones remained in, she nonetheless heard the mom say, "You could at least let my kid play a game now you spiteful [expletive]."

And to the mom's surprise, she immediately responded by saying she should be grateful she let the kid sit by the window and called her a rude word of her own.

This apparently stunned the mom into silence and she didn't say another word for the rest of the flight.

That said, she did apparently try to get into the woman's personal space as much as possible before the flight touched down, which only made the woman laugh and the mom seethe with rage even more.

The woman said that confrontation makes her giddy so it's probably best for the mom's sake that she left it at that.

h/t: Reddit | WitchesCoven99

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