In A Truly Wholesome Move, Landlord Shares Profits With Former Tenants After Selling The House

The word "landlord" gets a bad rap.

You might instantly think of a money-hungry person who demands the world of their tenants yet can't replace a broken sink for six months. What kind of crap is that?!

Well, one guy is out to prove that landlords aren't all bad. Case in point: his landlord shared the profits of his home with his tenants after selling it!

Prepare for your faith in humanity to be restored!

This heartwarming story was shared by one of the former tenants, Chris Robarge.

In a Facebook post that's since gone viral, he shared that a previous landlord reached out to ask for his current address.

He said that their space was the first place he called home after his divorce.

"I paid a completely fair amount of money for my accommodations and really enjoyed my time there, and like all rental situations, I figured that was that," he wrote.

Well, the landlord had something else up his sleeve!

Chris received a letter in the mail, informing him that they were paying him and every tenant they ever had for what they contributed to the profit they made from selling the house.

Along with the letter, he received a check for $2,500.

Chris was obviously emotional by this kind and totally surprising gesture.

"I have been sitting with this for more than a day and I am still completely beyond an actual way to describe what this act means to me," he wrote.

"All that I can say is that there are people who talk about their values and there are people who actually live them, and the reason I wanted to share this is that I want to encourage us all to actually live our values," he continued.

He urged people to do this when we think no one is watching.

It's even the reason the landlord agreed to let Chris share their story.

Unsplash | Brian Babb

"They agreed that if this could inspire others to take kind actions, it was worth sharing)," Chris shared.

It wasn't just Chris who was blown away by the landlord's kindness. People don't hear stories like this everyday.

As such, his post has received more than 8.6k likes and 664 comments.

"This is one of the best posts I've read in a very long time. Gives us Hope~ Bravo!" wrote one Facebook user. "This is wonderful! I want to be this person when I grow up!!" added another.

His post encouraged the internet to share their random acts of kindness.

Unsplash | Matt Collamer

"I bought a broke family of 4 lunch yesterday, cost me $31. They were waiting on a check coming Saturday to eat," reacted this user.

"I am giving each student tomorrow a composition book, crayons, ruler and pencil in a plastic bag. All items are new! I purchase these things and give them away," added another.

Some further proved that landlords aren't all bad by sharing their own stories.

"My landlord in college only charged $400/mo. When I had heart surgery and couldn't walk the hills to class, they even offered to drive me to school. They gave me my first couple loads of laundry for free in the coin laundromat under the apartment complex," this woman wrote.

Chris's post even spread to Imgur, where it received more emotional reactions.

The landlord's kindness blew people away because it was so unheard of.

"I can't even wrap my head around this level of kindness. ethical consumption under capitalism?" one user wrote.

"Damn. I’m a landlord and the “nicest” thing I do is give tenants $100 off every Christmas if they’ve paid rent on time all year," wrote a landlord.

The landlord's kindness has proven to be infectious. That's because Chris has decided to donate most of the money!

In an update to his original post, he wrote, "I am keeping $500 to put towards some major work my car needs. I am giving away the rest of the money. I want this good deed to reach as far as possible."

So far, he's donated $500 to Black and Pink Massachusetts.

He plans on filling every Worcester Free Fridge, donating to OurStory Edutainment, and giving money to those who need it.

"If you can't do what my former landlord did, let this inspire you to give whatever you can spare to someone or someplace that needs it."

So sweet! See Chris's post for yourself here.