20 Infuriating Ways Landlords Cut Corners And Jerked Their Tenants Around

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Just about everyone has had the misfortune of renting a place where the landlord just...doesn't...care.

While we can all hope to own a home — or at least rent a nicer place — someday, all you can really do when you're living in a lousy place is vent about it.

These photos should give you a chuckle or two, or maybe bring back memories of your old place.

"My landlord was too cheap to replace the fence when a tree smashed his gate. My neighbor was too cheap to replace his gate when the wind blew over his fence."

Reddit | ijustcant555

When you see situations like this, all you can do is shrug and be thankful that you don't own the place.

"Landlord told me to use Command hooks so I don’t damage the walls."

Reddit | Nelson-Bro

Command hooks are amazing, but that doesn't mean they won't mess up painted walls. Looks like the landlord's gambit blew up in their face.

"Landlord said it would eventually run clear, two full baths later..."

Reddit | wobbabobbob

There's something uniquely disturbing about your water — the water you drink and bathe in — looking like root beer.

"A lovely paint job."

Reddit | Scaulbylausis

I just don't get this. Masking this off would have been easy. Heck, they could have foregone the masking tape and just messily painted around this.

"What my mail looks like any time in rains the tiniest amount. Been asking the landlord to either replace the box or put it inside our foyer for 6 months."

This is a tale as old as time: an existing, easily fixable issue that, for no good reason, has persisted for months and months.

"Our toilet seat broke so the landlady sent us a new one and ignored our request for it to be square."

Reddit | Cwawaf

On one hand, I've never seen a square toilet before, so it must be hard to find a square toilet seat. On the other hand, it's not like the landlord didn't know about the square toilet.

"My landlord painted over stickers on the wall instead of removing them."

Reddit | OkayWhatSize

Here's another example of a landlord painting over something that they just, like, could have avoided. Just peel those stickers off!

"Just moved into a new home and found where the landlord patched the carpet."

Reddit | bzzzimabee

It was good of the landlord to use a piece of the original carpet to patch things up. You can barely even tell, right?

"The increments on the oven my landlord just had installed."

Reddit | wessiewench

I guess this is more the fault of whoever manufactured this oven, but the landlord still could have chosen an oven that wasn't so weird.

"My Landlord replaced the wornout 13 button with C....why?"

Reddit | Hamza5788the2nd

Some buildings just pretend there isn't a 13th floor. Others apparently just call it floor C for no apparent reason.

"Our landlord wants to charge us $3,919 after we moved out for damages that existed when we moved in."

Reddit | Robifer555

Many of the items in this list can be laughed off, but this is the true nightmare scenario: a landlord trying to scam you out of more than just your security deposit.

"When I moved in a year ago my landlord told me he changes the furnace filters often. This hasn't been changed in years."

Reddit | GooglyEyedMoose

This is nauseating to look at. New filters are cheap and they're easy to install, so there's really no excuse here.

"My landlord apparently didn't attach the light fixture properly so when I went to change the bulb it fell off. It appears to have been glued on to the ceiling."

Reddit | Exposfan1999

I know Gorilla Glue is tough and all, but even the strongest glue has to degrade eventually.

"Landlord finally installed new mailboxes."

Reddit | softcoats_

I wonder if the landlord ordered a sign that was already misspelled, or if they custom ordered one and have trouble with their spelling.

"This is how the landlord fixed the leaky ceiling."

The longer I look at this, the more it breaks my brain. How could anyone do this, and think, "Yep, my work here is done."?

"My landlord installed a new cabinet."

Reddit | digital-lemonade

You know, I'm almost tempted to side with the landlord here. It ain't pretty, but it's functional, and a cabinet is a cabinet.

"The tiles in my kitchen all started breaking, so after two months of emailing the landlord, the contractor came and did this bang up job."

I know that contractors might be in a hurry and all that, but it's still hard to fathom a professional doing such a bad job.

"My landlord is messing with me."

Reddit | vision-in-denim

This would work just fine if the landlord had just installed a longer chain. Really, how hard is that?

"Landlord refuses to cut our grass, it's past my knees in most areas."

Reddit | msanks

This is frustrating, because overgrown grass is a really bad look. Hopefully these tenants don't live in an area with lots of snakes.

"My landlord gave us a new oven."

It seems like when landlords finally do get around to fixing something, they're in such a hurry that they don't check to make sure it'll actually work as intended.

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