Parents Everywhere Can Thank One Dad's Money-Saving Toothpaste Hack

Kids can definitely be wasteful. Do you agree with that? I mean, they often use up too much toilet paper, spill things all over the place, and massacre that toothpaste tube, ha, ha!

Speaking of toothpaste, this one dad had enough. So, he came up with a genius #DadHack that I think you will find useful, too. Check this out.

How many times have you found your kids' toothpaste roll squeezed to death?

More often than you would like, huh? It's so annoying, I admit. So what can you do about that? Well, as it turns out, there is a hack.

A TikToker going by the handle @buddywyrick recently posted a video of a simple toothpaste hack.

Unsplash | Shingi Rice

It will basically allow anyone (including your kids) to squeeze every last bit out without destroying the tube. For any parent, that's a win, ha, ha!

OMG, right?

I mean, it does add up when you have to throw the tube out before its time. So, if you can save yourself some annoyance and money, that's pretty awesome. Am I right? Okay, so let's find out what this is all about.

It's pretty simple.

All you need are two popsicle sticks and two rubber bands. Do you hear that? That's it! So get yourself those, and let's move on. Seriously, you're slowing me down, ha, ha! I need to show you this ASAP.

Now take the two popsicle sticks and sandwich them around the toothpaste tube at the end.

Secure them with rubber bands. This creates sort of a slider that will keep the toothpaste moving forward. Do you follow what I'm saying?

You really need to see it in action.

What did I tell you? Isn't this #DadHack absolutely genius? I love this idea. Even though I'm an adult, I would do this in a heartbeat. It's just so convenient. Don't you agree?

How has this hack not gone viral yet? Huh?

I have no idea. Let's help this smart dad out. Go to TikTok, find his account, give him a follow and comment on his super cool idea. It's the least we can do, no?

I love when regular people come up with awesome ideas like this.

Unsplash | Usman Yousaf

I don't know about you, but I need more stuff like this in my life. It pretty much inspires me to think outside the box myself. Do you feel this way, too?

So, let me ask you: Would you use this hack?

Do you think it's worth your time, or would you just keep on throwing toothpaste away? I'm going to try this and I think it's going to work like a charm.