Preschoolers Who Became Friends In Cancer Ward Reunited After Remission

Friends one makes in early childhood are incredibly valuable. They're pure bonds that can last a lifetime if the two friends stick together, but even if they don't, they mean a lot in a child's development and growth.

So when Payson and Mack became friends while both being treated for cancer, their parents were so grateful, and were happy to make sure their friendship remained strong outside of hospital walls.

Mack and Payson are two kids who became friends through some pretty tough times.

Both only three years old, they met earlier this year in the hospital while both were being treated for different types of cancer — Mack with anaplastic large cell lymphoma, and Payson with B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

The two grew incredibly close, much to the joy of their parents.

Especially Payson's mother, Traci Barrett.

In an interview with Today Parents, Barrett said, “Payson was so isolated. It was so hard to meet people because of the pandemic. She was asking for new toys every five minutes. And then Mack came along.”

Mack's mother, Dani Porter, knew right away the two would become great friends.

She said that Mack noticed a "spunky" girl marching down the hall with a balloon, and that first view of her really caught his attention.

"I just knew Mack would like her," she said, later approaching Payson's mother and asking to go for a walk as both the play and family rooms were closed due to COVID.

The two then spent tons of time together, playing and bonding.

That was until Mack finished his cancer treatments and was discharged, leaving Payson behind.

That didn't mean he stopped thinking about her though. As his mother recalls, "Every morning, his first question was, 'When can I play with Payson?'"

Knowing they couldn't keep the two best friends separated, their parents organized a playdate.

And after all their waiting, the day finally came. A video was recorded of their reuniting, Mack bringing Payson a bouquet of flowers. The two hug, and are later seen dancing in Payson's kitchen.

It's a beautiful video, and the two look so happy to see each other again!

Their parents are so grateful for the friendship they share.

Seeing them play together while in treatment was therapeutic for all parties involved.

Porter describes what life at the hospital was like after Mack and Payson became friends: "Traci and I were both teary watching them just be kids. As soon as Mack got up from his nap he was like, 'I need to find Payson and bring her a present.'"

Both children are now in remission and are planning to start preschool in the fall.

And their parents are making sure their friendship stays active, continuing to schedule hangouts, and letting them chat digitally as well.

There are GoFundMes that help support both Mack and Payson's families and their respective medical bills.

h/t: TODAY