Wife Cleans Her Hubby's Nasty Pillows For First Time In Five Years

Do you have some items that you should clean, but never do?

For me, it's the random drawer full of blankets that we never use. Fortunately, because those don't get used very much, they don't get a chance to get too dirty.

A woman on TikTok cleaned her hubby's pillows for the first time in five years.

Yes. Five years. Those pillows were slept on for close to two thousand nights without getting cleaned once.

If you have the stomach, buckle up and read on.

"Stripping my husband's favorite pillows after 5 years."

TikTok | @pwincesslexx

This is how the TikTok video from @pwincesslexx begins.

The first frame shows a couple of brownish, stained-looking pillows. Unfortunately, if you thought that was as gross as this video was going to get, you've got another thing coming.

Now it's time to clean things up.

TikTok | @pwincesslexx

So the guy's pillows got a little bit disgustingly brown over the course of half a decade. That's nothing a little bit of detergent, warm water and tender loving care can't fix, right?

Next comes a full cocktail of cleaning supplies.

TikTok | @pwincesslexx

She adds a few things to the blend, notably some Oxi Clean and some, like, pink beads of some kind.

The pillows are still very brown, but it seems like she knows what she's doing.

Now for the easy part.

TikTok | @pwincesslexx

When it comes to deep cleaning something, there's usually a point where you've done everything you can and it's time to let it soak. That's what she does here, for hours and hours. Let's see what happens next.

Still pretty gross.

TikTok | @pwincesslexx

Slowly but surely, you can see the pillows get...well, not white, exactly, but less brown, while the water they're soaking in gets opaque, then grey, then brown.

I would never want to use this bathtub again after seeing this.

Here's the water after 24 hours.

TikTok | @pwincesslexx

She waited until our planet had made one full rotation before removing the pillows. The water left over is a shade of the grossest brown imaginable. After she drained the tub, it was full of miscellaneous hairs and other crud.


TikTok | @pwincesslexx

Those pillows look cleaner, but I still think they're a lost cause. Maybe they'll look better after a round in the washing machine.

Make sure to check out the full video below, and then please, whatever else you do, wash your pillows.