Woman Left Confused After 'Karen' Confronts Her About Her Tigger Flag

There are many things that people have shown they're officially fed up with over the last year, but one of the most popular pain points seems to be the attitudes of so-called "Karens."

While many viral clips and stories centered around Karen-like behavior seem to involve entitled and belligerent customers making a scene at a retail store, there are no shortage of people who can tell you that Karens don't stop being Karens once they get home either.

By now, it would hardly be surprising to learn that just as many folks have embarrassed themselves by fixating on their neighborhood's petty affairs as they have by making a front-line employee's day worse.

But even with that in mind, the story we're about to go over today stands out as an unusual one.

In a video posted to TikTok on August 7, a woman who goes by Ambrosia depicted what she described as her interaction with a Karen.

After Ambrosia answered the door, this woman told her that she didn't like the Tigger flag she had hanging from her house.

When Ambrosia asked her why she didn't like it, she instead mentioned that she approved of the American flag also visible in the footage and had no complaints about the state of Ambrosia's shrubbery or her backyard.

But as she seemed to imply, the Tigger flag had to go.

I say "seemed to imply" because the woman made frequent vague mentions of this community's rules.

And in a statement that sounds like it belongs in a parody skit, she said, "And we have rules, I don't want to have to go find out what they are."

When Ambrosia reminded her that their neighborhood isn't controlled by a homeowner's association, she replied, "There's rules for the community. It's called Williamsburg something and there's rules."

In case you're wondering if we're missing something, Ambrosia showed the flag in a follow-up video.

And as we can see, it is indeed just Tigger from Winnie the Pooh holding a flower.

As for what problem the woman could possibly have had with it, she apparently thought that it made the neighborhood look "tacky."

In response, Ambrosia disagreed but said that the woman was entitled to her opinion.

As the video ended with a clear indication that Ambrosia had no intention of taking the flag down, the woman said that she'd "find out about it," presumably referring to the rule she seems to hope will empower her to have the flag removed.

In a final update on the situation after her video went viral, Ambrosia said the woman somehow found out about the clip and drove by yelling "I'm sorry" out her car window.

I guess it would be a little disappointing if the story didn't end as strangely as it began.

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