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Uber Eats Driver Fired After Vid Of Him Stealing From Someone's Order Goes Viral

With the rise of Uber Eats, DoorDash, and other food delivery services, getting a meal from your favorite restaurant has never been easier.

Though the experience is meant to be both easy and enjoyable, there are some that seek to ruin that for everyone. When one Uber Eats employee was spotted stealing food from an order, a bystander recorded the whole thing and exposed him online.

Uber Eats, other food delivery apps, and restaurants that work with them all have measures in place to make sure food isn't tampered with.

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These measures are implemented and practiced in order to offer some peace of mind to the person who ordered, so they can know that between the restaurant making it and them eating it, their food wasn't touched.

However, a disturbing video shows that one worker seemingly found ways to get around this.

A TikTok video uploaded by user @sarahfromflorida shows an Uber Eats driver helping himself to food he just picked up.

He was still next to the restaurant the food was from, so Sarah's friend who recorded the video was able to ask the staff and confirm that he was an Uber Eats driver who just picked up that order.

The video currently has over 1 million views.

The video shows him opening containers of food and picking at it with his bare hands.

He picks up things like noodles and chicken and transfers them to his own Tupperware container, plucking a few pieces from seemingly every container in the bag.

He even tries to pour some soup into his serving, but seems to decide it's not worth it.

You can also see him licking his fingers between containers before digging right into another one.

In the background of the video, you can hear Sarah's friend reacting in disgust and shock at what the stranger is doing. Near the end, you can hear him explaining to someone else that the driver has "clearly done this before."

Which does seem plausible, seeing as the driver has a trick to make the bag look like it had never been opened.

Before stuffing his container of stolen food in his backpack, he pulls out a stapler, which he uses to staple the paper bag containing the order shut once more.

With that, he gets on his bike and rides off to make his half-stolen delivery.

The caption reads, "I wish I could unsee this."

And many in the comments agree. "You know [what's] crazy- Imagine how many people do this and [AREN'T] caught on camera," reads one.

A few people asked why the person recording didn't confront him, to which Sarah said they didn't want an altercation, instead reporting him to both the restaurant and Uber.

That move seemed to do the trick, as this guy didn't get off scot-free.

In a statement made to Daily Dot, an Uber representative said, "What’s been described is completely unacceptable. The delivery person’s access to the app has been removed."

We can all rest a little easier knowing there's one less food thief working for Uber Eats.

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