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Target Offers To Pay 100% Of College Tuition For 340,000 Employees

In today's world, it seems nearly impossible to start a career and life without having some form of a college education. But, unfortunately, as the years have gone by, tuition prices have skyrocketed to the point where most people just cannot afford to pay for college and also maintain their everyday life.

This can turn a lot of people off from going to college.

While college is expensive, some organizations and companies look to help.

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Some workers who are employed at different companies and organizations and want to further their education are fortunate enough to get the opportunity to have their tuition paid for.

While not all companies do this, some are giving back to their workers to help them through life.

Recently, Target announced their new "debt free initiative" within their company.

The mom-favorite store is now looking to help out their workers and employees by launching their new debt-free initiative, partnering with Guild Education.

The program helps pay for 100% of the tuition and textbook costs for over 340,000 employees—whether they are full or part-time.

Almost any employee of Target can access the new program.

According to the company, the new program is available to employees at stores, distribution centers, and even headquarters locations.

The program gives them access to free undergraduate and associates degrees, certificates, bootcamp programs, textbooks and course fees. At absolutely no cost!

And, while paying for employees college tuition is amazing, the program has even more benefits.

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Employees not only have access to tuition and textbook costs, but they can also get funding for high school programs for younger employees and also get $10,000 towards a master's program after their undergraduate degree completion. Sounds incredible, right?!?

Employees have access to some big name universities and programs.

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The program gives employees options and choices, from 250 programs from over 40 U.S. universities. Schools, colleges and universities like the University of Arizona, Oregon State University, and Black colleges and universities like Morehouse College and Paul Quinn College are some of the places partnering with Target.

Over the next four years, Target will put a large sum of money towards the program.

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In a press release issued from the company, Target promised that they will invest and put $200 million into the program to help employees further their education outside of their time working with Target.

Truly, they are doing the Lord's work over here.

As a company, Target realizes a need of their employees.

“A significant number of our hourly team members build their careers at Target, and we know many would like to pursue additional education opportunities.

We don’t want the cost to be a barrier for anyone, and that’s where Target can step in to make education accessible for everyone," said Melissa Kremer, Target’s chief human resources officer.

The initiative gives employees a real fighting chance at change.

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“We’ve hit the moment where employers, and really the most innovative employers, are realizing the best thing they can do to differentiate themselves as a company and as an employer is to offer economic mobility, upskilling, and the opportunity to gain more skills and move up within a company or eventually move on,” said Guild Education's CEO Rachel Carlson.

As if we didn't love Target enough, this is giving us major heart eyes.

Not only is Target going pro-education, but, Target also provides recognition bonuses, free mental health care (in-person and virtual), free backup child care, and so much more.

We all love Target a lot, so much so that we spend most of our money there. But, if there was any reason to love Target even more, this is it.