Prepare To Be Sad As Hell — The Final Season Of 'Lucifer' Is Coming To Netflix September 10th

Today we have exciting but sad news for fans of the popular series Lucifer. Why are we excited but said? Well, because we've just gotten word about when the final part of the FINAL SEASON of Lucifer will hit our TV screens. I'm glad I didn't cancel my Netflix subscription just yet because this final season is sure to be an emotional rollercoaster.

It's hard to believe it's been five years of *Lucifer* — and to think it would have only been three if Netflix hadn't saved the series after Fox gave it the chop following the third season.

As you may recall, fans were told the show's previous season would be it's last, but now, this 10-part season is being called a love letter to Lucifer fans.

"As we started to dig into Season 6, we found new story we wouldn’t have told before," showrunner Joe Henderson told TVLine.

He continued:

"There is a story that we didn’t know we would have to tell until we got to the point we got to [with the Season 5 finale], and once we got there and looked around, we realized that there was an entire engine for an entire season’s worth of storytelling that we’re excited about."

"But it is very much a season of saying goodbye to the show we love," he added.

All of the final ten episodes will premiere on Netflix on September 10th, so stock up on tissue and mark your calendars!

Will you binge them all in one day, or try to savour each episode? Let us know in the comments below!