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Starbucks Worker Makes A Drink So Big It Can't Fit In One Cup, Proving Some People Are The Worst

When it comes to ordering coffee, many people don't consider the work that goes into actually making your drink. At most coffee shops, the morning rush can be a huge headache when the customers come back to back to back, and no one really thinks about the time it takes to make each beverage.

Especially when you order a drink that is ridiculously specific and over-the-top.

If the world has learned anything lately, it's that people who work in the service industry, in general, have it pretty bad.

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Between minimum wage, not getting tipped enough, or entitled bosses and customers, life can get to be pretty difficult for people.

Starbucks is definitely a place where people have been feeling overwhelmed lately.

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In fact, I feel like every other day I'm hearing about a ridiculous Starbucks drink story.

I can't run away from them, neither can you, and neither can the workers.

Many workers at Starbucks go through a lot on an every day basis.

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Starbucks has a large menu packed with drinks of all types and many of them have specific ingredients and recipes.

In general, all their drinks are complicated to make as it is.

However, many customers like to make "custom" orders that go a bit over-the-top and get crazy.

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A little too crazy if you ask us.

There are many baristas who share their nightmare orders online.

When they receive insane orders, many Starbucks baristas tend to share them online on social media.

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This is in the hopes that it will showcase to others that ordering these extra, annoying, crazy drinks is just not it for people who have to make them.

Back in March, one barista shared an order that comes in "every other week."

The order had a laundry list of add ons and specifics—so much so, that the order sticker took up literally the entire cup.

If you can even believe that anyone wants this much sugar in their "coffee," it's absolutely terrifying.

People online just didn't understand how someone could be so inconsiderate.

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Many on Twitter essentially argued that if you are so particular about your coffee and order, you should make it at home on your own.

But, we have never seen anyone make a coffee quite so large and excessive before this recent TikTok went viral.

Another barista on TikTok is sharing their latest order that is making everyone angry.

The TikTok account @aadinaff shared the "everything drink" that included so many different things added to it, that it didn't even fit into one cup.

Instead, they had to tape two cups together just to hold it.

Even the order itself was "two cups long."

When looking at the order ticket and sticker, viewers can see that the order itself was two cups long. The sticker needed two cups just to be taped onto them.

Insanity at its very finest.

People on TikTok were shook over this order.

Many people were shocked that this was an actual order.

Which, I really can't blame them. Why do you even need that much of a Starbucks drink all at once?

Some people said that at this point, you should just give the customer the entire blender, rather than try to figure out how to put it into a cup or three.

Many said they could "never" do this to an employee.

Other people commented on the TikTok video saying that they could absolutely never put this order in at Starbucks and make an employee go through actually making it.

Some people are even embarrassed to use the names of drinks on the menu.

However, some people were not convinced this was a real thing.

Some TikTok users thought that this wasn't a real order and instead, thought that the baristas were just experimenting with things and messing around at the store.

Either way, whoever made this drink should be sent to Starbucks prison, ASAP.

Now, we want to hear from you.

What do you think about ordering custom Starbucks drinks? Is it too much or are you someone who does it?

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