Man Captures Adorable Photo Of Tiny Mouse Nestled Between Stalks Of Wheat

If you ask 100 people what the world's most beautiful animals are, it's likely that you'd get close to 100 different answers.

But in many cases, the surest sign that a critter will earn itself a legion of admirers is that it's unusually small. Whether that's because it's still a baby or because of how it's bred, its stubby legs and little face are likely to hit us in the feels every time.

But for the longest time, one major exception to this rule were mice. And even now, those who have softened their positions on the rodents understandably don't want an infestation.

Yet there have been enough unbearably cute photos over the years to make it hard to consider the little creatures as just vermin.

One day, 52-year-old photographer Dean Mason spotted a group of harvest mice climbing some wheat stalks in Dorset, England.

And since Mason has made a name for himself as a shutterbug who specializes in photographing harvest mice, that was an opportunity he couldn't pass up.

As those who have dealt with a mouse infestation can attest, they'll eat pretty much anything.

However, they're considered such big fans of wheat that according to Wired, it was once commonly thought that if you left some grains of wheat in a sweaty shirt, that wheat would actually transform into mice.

As opposed to the mice simply finding leftover wheat and chowing down.

However, it seems that one of the mice Mason captured on camera wasn't quite so hungry yet.

As we can see, the adorable photo shows the little fella balancing between two stalks and looking at us curiously.

Seems like a neat place to relax.

But while that little mouse seemed to make for the best picture, it wasn't the only one who decided to hang out on the wheat that day.

Apparently, one was flossing its teeth with the stuff while it was loafing around. I guess it would be easier to use wheat for that when you don't have opposable thumbs.