Adorable Group Of Frogs Caught Playing Real-Life Game Of Leap Frog

No matter where you find yourself in the world, chances are that there are at least few kinds of animals that people find really beautiful.

Whether that's because they seem impressive and powerful, little and cute, or just behave closer to how we do than we might expect, so many creatures in this world have so much for us to admire.

And while you're likely to experience some intense humidity and maybe even some extreme weather conditions if you visit India during its warmer months, one photographer's lucky shot proves you might also catch some of the nation's cuter creatures frolicking if you show up early enough.

The further India gets into summer, the closer it gets to monsoon season.

And while Reuters reported that this year's monsoon rainfalls should be about average, "average" still refers to some pretty inclement weather.

As photographer Indraneel Dani of Maharashtra, India said, "The advent of monsoon completely transforms the land and its inhabitants."

And one of those transformations that Dani came across in late May concerned what the local frogs do once they're out of hibernation.

As he managed to capture, they emerge from the water around that time of year and begin their annual mating rituals shortly thereafter.

And from Dani's picture, it seemed that one was a lot more eager to get started than the others.

As we can see in the hilarious photo, the frog with a mischievous look on its face looks poised to hop over its buddies as they huddle together.

So although we now know the powerful motivation behind this jump, the more innocently-minded among us saw it as a real-life game of Leap Frog.

And really, the game had to come from somewhere.

Maybe someone else a long time ago saw similar frogs trying to get a literal jump on mating season and thought it looked like fun.