7-Year-Old Girl Raises Hundreds Of Dollars For Homeless Veterans: 'Help Home First'

It's easy to get gloomy with the state of the world these days. It seems like everywhere you look, there's something horrible happening somewhere. It can be so hard to turn on the news, not knowing what devastation you'll see.

However, today I have a feel-good news story for you that will warm your heart and make you believe in the goodness of people again.

It's no secret our country's veterans are notoriously under-supported.

Unsplash | sydney Rae

It's a heartbreaking pattern of behaviour that continues to rock America's bravest.

Now, a young girl from Georgia is doing all she can to help support those who need it most.

Jade Britt, 7, from Marietta, Georgia is taking matters into her own hands.

As reported by Fox 5 Jade collected $700 from her community to make care packages for veterans with no home to call their own.

This past Thursday, Jade and her mom, Holly Britt, delivered some of the packages to the Marietta Veterans Center.

Unsplash | Taylor Wilcox

"The Marietta Veterans center is important because it's part of our community and we always want to help home first," said Holly Britt.

"The people here help people. They really actually help. They don't just talk about helping. They help with so many resources that they have for veterans."

Unsplash | israel palacio

The family told the news outlet that Jade's grandfather fought in the Vietnam war, so the tragedy of homeless veterans hits close to home.

What an amazing effort put forth by the Britt family.

h/t: Fox News