Garage Tells Woman To Wait Behind Building Due To 'Inappropriate' Outfit

In recent months, we've heard a lot about how people are pushing back against the dress codes imposed on them by schools and athletic associations.

But many of us can attest that we've also had unsolicited encounters with individuals who aren't shy about telling us how little they approve of what we're wearing. When it comes to these folks, it's hard not to get the feeling that they're doing their best to set their own personal dress code for those around them.

And the more that one woman inquired into an incident that occurred when she took her car to get inspected, the more reason she saw to believe that this was what was happening to her.

On July 20, a woman who goes by Tia Wood posted a video to TikTok revealing that she had been ejected from an inspection station due to a top that someone deemed "inappropriate."

The video depicts her waiting behind the building as instructed and showing us the outfit that apparently prompted this decision.

Although she said in a follow-up video that her car had passed inspection, she was clearly upset about being singled out.

Wood shared that after she was asked for her license and registration, the employee also asked if she had another shirt to wear.

Since she wasn't under the impression that there was a dress code for having your car looked at, she replied that she didn't put any thought into her outfit that day because she didn't think it mattered.

This led her to wonder, "Are you inspecting it or baptizing it?"

In another follow-up, she called the garage's office and when she was told that all customers are supposed to be led to a designated waiting area, she said that staff disallowed her from going in there and had her wait on the other side of the building where she couldn't be seen by anybody.

After she described what she wore, she was told that the only official garment code the garage has is to require customers to wear a face covering.

After checking with her manager and confirming that she was wearing a crop top and shorts with nothing written or depicted on it, the woman who took Wood's call seemed just as confused as to why that happened as she was.

As the woman put it, "I'm asking questions 'cause this is the first time we've ever heard something like this."

Since she also confirmed that her manager had never heard of a similar case in all her time working there, it seems that an employee acted on their own to block her from entering.

And while Wood stressed that she didn't want to put that employee's job at risk, she also said that she wanted to prevent her incident from happening to other people.

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