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Man Wonders If He Went Too Far After Shaming His Friend For Being Rude To A Waitress

We've all had moments where we've been short with waitresses.

Maybe they were taking too long to bring us our food, were snippy themselves, or they forgot to ring our order in. Even so, there's a line you don't want to cross. Doing so brings you into Karen territory.

So when one guy's friend was rude to their waitress, they snapped. Now, they're wondering if they're in the wrong.

This story was brought to the Reddit "Am I The Asshole" community.

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The OP (original poster) wanted to determine whether they were the bad guy for shaming their friend for being rude to a waitress.

They started by sharing that their wife has a friend they've been friends with for 10 years.

While the husband got along with the friend in high school, she has since become an angry person over the years.

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For instance, the friend has yelled at the wife for wanting to spend time at home with him instead of going to the bar.

Despite some toxic behavior, the wife remained their friend.

According to the OP, this is understandable.


They explained that the coronavirus pandemic made his wife feel more isolated than ever before. As a result, she wants to be close to her oldest friend.

Now comes the event that dramatically affected the friendship. It all started with a festival in the Redditor's town.

The Redditor went out to dinner with his wife and the friend.

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Since the restaurant was so packed, it didn't take long for the friend to act out. She took a total of 30 seconds to snap at the hostess for not seating them quickly.

Keep in mind that this wasn't the hostesses' fault; there simply weren't any clean tables.


Again, since the restaurant was so busy, it took them 10 minutes to put their drink order in. This caused the friend to berate the already stressed-out waitress. While they got their food 20 minutes later, she carried on complaining.

She complained about how long the workers were taking to do things, saying, "I've worked in the food industry. You wouldn't see me take this long for their food and drinks."

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The final straw came at the end of the meal when the Redditor decided to leave a generous tip of 55 percent.

The wife's friend snapped, “why are you tipping at all for such [expletive] service?” while the waitress was standing right there.

This was the tipping point (no pun intended) for the OP. They went off on the friend, telling her "she needs to stop acting like a child, and expecting everyone to treat her like the center of attention.”

The friend, insulted and embarrassed, left the restaurant immediately.

While his wife agreed that the friend was being obnoxious, she didn't agree with calling her out in front of an entire restaurant (who heard everything BTW).

As a result, the OP was left wondering if they were in the wrong in this situation.

Well, Reddit was quick to squash any fears, insisting that the OP wasn't the bad guy here.

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"She doesn’t want to be called out publicly? Don’t act like an [expletive] in public, then. Problem solved. Good on you for supporting hospitality staff," wrote Redditor grindelwaldd.

"You made the wait staff there so happy by calling her out and kind of defending them," added another.

They also expressed concern over the wife still being friends with that person. "I know they're old friends but that sounds so exhausting," they wrote.

Another Redditor slammed the wife for not defending the husband.

Redditor Dark_Tangential shared this little tip: you need to be a jerk sometimes to shut down an even bigger one.

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"I used to treat waitstaff like your GF’s BF, though not nearly to that degree. I was dressed down, in public, by my GF. I deserved it. Sometimes, public humiliation IS the only way to get through to someone," they shared.

What do you think of this situation? Was the husband in the wrong or the friend? Thoughts on the wife? Let us know in the comments!