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Twitter Is Split Over Kid Who Cleaned Up By Not Giving Change At Lemonade Stand

There's nothing quite as refreshing in the summer heat as a cold glass of lemonade. Thankfully, the lemonade stand is a childhood staple, so you'll likely find one while walking around your neighborhood.

What if you went to this stand, handed them a bill, and they didn't give you any change back? This scenario is what a rather large group of people on Twitter tackled today, sharing their thoughts on a child withholding change.

The act of creating and working a lemonade stand as a child is a time-honored classic.

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It introduces a lot of children to the concept of savings, working for money, and the general sales process.

However, one Twitter user's daughter was using some unconventional methods to bolster her sales and create quite the income for herself.

User @phn1x, or Eric Hulse, posted about his shock regarding his daughter's income.

"My daughter made $110 on her lemonade stand today, in like an hour," the tweet starts before explaining that she just hadn't been giving people change for larger bills, instead thanking them for their "tip."

And her behavior seemed to cause quite the rift.

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The tweet currently has over 650k likes, over 60k retweets, and 4000 replies just filled with people debating the morality of this child's business practices. What sorts of feelings could people really have about this? Let's find out.

Many of the initial replies were either angry or disgusted by the child's actions.

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"If that were my child, I would be ashamed of her and make her donate it all to a charity. It was nothing to be proud of," wrote one user.

Another elaborated, really driving home that the father shouldn't be proud here. "This is an example of No Good Deed Goes Unpunished. Here, nice folks wanted to do the kid a favor, and they were manipulated out of their own hard-earned dollars. Dad needs a moral compass to teach the kid. This is nothing to be proud of."

Then there were those getting mad at those getting mad.

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Trying to bring some normalcy back to this thread, someone replied, "I think 'manipulative' is way too harsh. If I handed a little girl a $5 and she said 'Thank you for the tip!' excitedly, I would mostly think it’s adorable and let her keep it. Perhaps I’m an enabler."

"I’m shocked at the responses. An adult with an ounce of common sense would ask for change, like you would with any adult," someone else said, reminding people that any adult could have asked for change at any time.

In the retweets, you could find a lot more people admiring the kid for her hustle.

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There, you could find users lauding her techniques.

"She ain't my daughter but I am proud of her as I'd be her dad," wrote one person. "She's going to get far in life."

"This is iconic and I need to be more like her!" another wrote.

"[...] I could learn a thing or two," someone else added.

Manipulative or managerial, what do you make of it?

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Who knew a lemonade stand could have people so worked up?

Her business venture was a success either way, and with no one wanting to ask for change back, she raked in the dough that day.

What do you make of her practices? Perfectly innocent, or a little too demanding?