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DoorDasher Explains That Tipping Influences How Fast Our Food Gets Delivered

More and more these days, people are dining in and choosing to have their favorite restaurants come to them. A recent stat suggested that more than 45% of all restaurant meals — are take-out meals.

Some people think this means that tipping is no longer customary when sadly that isn't the case. Take a moment and listen to this DoorDasher explain how tipping has a direct correlation to how fast your food gets delivered.

We live in a society where we want things, and we want it now.

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When you can have news and see what celebs are up to in just seconds, it's hard to have patience for almost anything else.

Especially when it comes to food.

Whether you're at a restaurant or ordering from home, or even picking up to BRING it home, one question is always asked.

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"Where is it?" followed up closely by, "I'm so hungry."

Sometimes it is in no way a bad sentence, sometimes we're just really that hungry.

Sometimes, however, servers or delivery people have to deal with customers acting extremely entitled.

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Or simply not tipping enough, or at all.

When it comes to delivery riders in particular, they make most of their money off tips, and unfortunately, most people don't even give them 15%.

Well, as it turns out, bad tippers may be getting what they deserve, because how much you tip actually effects how fast your food gets to you.

So buckle up, because one DoorDasher decided to explain it all.

According to DoorDasher and TikToker @jaylenheree, DoorDash employees lose money on low-tip orders.

The service fee included in the price essentially pays for a notification to be sent to a DoorDash employee's phone — that's it.

It is then up to the DoorDash employee whether or not they accept the order.

Oh, and they can totally see when you select a "no tip" option.

So yeah, if you thought you were escaping that kind of embarrassment, unfortunately, you were not.

“If we don’t want to take your order, we’re not taking your order,”

@jaylenheree explained via TikTok.

DoorDash combats this by gradually raising the payout on the order the longer it sits "unclaimed."

This means that non-tippers are always the last to get their food.

Sure, non-tippers will eventually receive their orders but they'll always be the last ones served.

This means that by the time your food arrives, it's more than likely going to be cold and soggy.

Therefore, if you want to ensure your food arrives hot and fresh — make sure to leave a tip!

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Never mess with the people who prepare your food! That extra $1.50 - $2.00 won't make much of a difference to your bottom line.

And it's well worth the confidence that comes with knowing your delivery will arrive promptly when you order it.

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Or at least, that's how I'm looking at it, but I'm sure that not everyone feels the same way.

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