Jessica Alba Opens Up About Conflicts She Discusses With Daughter During Therapy

Being an A-list celebrity doesn't mean that the pitfalls of parenting somehow manage to pass you by unscathed. In some circumstances, it can make home life even harder.

That's what we've come to learn after Jessica Alba's recent interview with People magazine. Have a look and read how Jessica opens up about the conflict she discusses with her own daughter during their therapy sessions.

Jessica Alba started going to therapy after her daughter Honor turned 11.

Mother and daughter began attending therapy sessions together in an effort to keep their lines of communication flowing.

Now that Honor has recently turned 13-years-old, Jessica says that she struggles with treating her like an adult.

"I want to treat them all like babies," Jessica explained during an interview with *People* magazine.

"I want to baby them," Jessica said. "Still my tendency is to parent them as if they are little."

The founder of The Honest Company also explained how her own relationship with her parents suffered due to a lack of honest communication.

Jessica says that her daughter Honor began to feel empowered through therapy.

The young girl was able to discover her own voice and communicate her feelings in a safe and constructive manner.

Honor told her mother the manner in which she wanted to be guided, punished, and supported.

Honor was also able to communicate how she wanted to be treated as an individual apart from her sister.

Since then, Alba has taken her therapist's advice and begun carving out 30-minute chunks of "alone time" to spend with her children.

This way, she's able to get to know them on their own terms.

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