Nicole Kidman Shows Off Pixie Cut For New Movie Role

Nicole Kidman is a force who NEVER stops. I respect the fact that she has continued to make amazing movies and TV shows while staying humble — it's rare for Hollywood celebs these days. But when it comes to Nicole, it seems like there is nothing she can't do, including rocking a pixie cut!

If you're not impressed by that, then you don't know how hard it is to pull off a short haircut!

Nicole Kidman is the epitome of old Hollywood star quality.

Her personal life isn't splashed across the front pages of tabloid magazines, she isn't starting fights with other celebrities on social media — she's just trying to be the best actress, mom, and wife she can be!

Fans know Nicole dedicates herself to every role she plays.

She is unafraid to challenge herself with acting roles, but she's also always down to embrace a new look!

If I was an actress, I would never allow anyone to touch my hair — it's my security blanket. So, it's a good thing I'm not an actress, although my husband may disagree.

When you think of Nicole Kidman's hair, you probably think of long auburn or blonde curls — her signature look!

Well, Nicole has completely shaken up her look in a new picture posted on her Instagram.

The pixie cut is for a new film, Roar and let me tell you, she looks fantastic!

"On set," she captioned the pixie cut post, alongside the hashtags #roar and #FemaleFilmmakers.

"This is just so majestic and fabulous," commented one fan.

"Is there anything you can't do," asked another.

What do you think of Nicole's new hairstyle? Let us know in the comments below!