Bella Hadid Freed The Nipple During Recent Red Carpet Appearance

Bella Hadid is a supermodel in every sense of the word. Yes, her parents are totally loaded and helped launch her career, but I truly believe she would be successful if they didn't. I mean seriously — how many people are just walking around looking as gorgeous as she is?

Now, the 24-year-old is joining in on the free the nipple trend and looking effortlessly chic while doing it.

The Free The Nipple ~movement~ truly began with Jennifer Aniston during her time on *Friends.*

Unsplash | Pablo Heimplatz

She was showing her braless style way before it was trending with the cool kids of the twenty-first century. If there was ever a time to give up bras, it would be now.

It's 2021, haven't we suffered enough?

Lots of female celebs have been embracing a no-bra lifestyle recently.

And hey, there's lots of benefits! Not only is it much more comfortable — it saves money, but it also helps improve circulation, and over time, can actually improve muscle tone and breast shape.

How awesome is that?!

Now, Bella Hadid is the latest celeb to show off her braless bust at a recent Dior fashion show.

She looks so chic, stylish, and effortlessly cool! The early 2000's aesthetic is really working to her advantage!

Are you looking to ditch bras these days? Let us know in the comments below!