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People Married To 'Karens' Are Opening Up About What That Journey Is Like

We've all heard about Karens: the woman who seek out the manager justice in every establishment they're in.

But what about their husbands? Is there a support group for them? We're worried!

Well, one Redditor set out to find more about the Karen husbands by asking, "Redditors who are married to Karens, how is it like?"

Here are the responses.

Their life is miserable at home, too.

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If you thought husbands of Karens had it bad in public, just imagine how hard things are at home. This Redditor shared that his wife is a bully who can never lose an argument.

"Bullies, nasty, can not lose an arguement [sic]. Physically and mentally abusive."

It's been hell.


"My life has been a living hell. The number of times I have had to intervene to save the life of a customer service rep over nickels is insane. I've asked for divorce now just a couple weeks ago. Guess how that went over." - u/Secret_MPH_Guy

They had to run all the errands.

"I'll tell you guys a story my step told us; they are farmers and own a small beef and bee farm. They have a store they go to for bee supplies. The owner called my step dad and asked him to please be the one to pick up their stuff because his staff was tired of dealing with my mom. He is the only one who went to the store for the next 5 years." - u/The_Turtle_Moves_13

They know the name of every manager in town.


Thanks to this Redditor's wife, they know the first name of managers within a 30-mile radius.

On top of that, their kitchen drawers are overflowing with out-of-date coupons that she still attempts to use.

They give warnings.

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"My sister AND SIL are both Karen's. I will show up to restaurants 15 min early to warn them. I tell them if it's not done to their liking they WILL hear about it and they will make your shift hell. I'm just there as a warning." - u/bycomparison

They have to constantly speak for them.

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"I constantly have to cut her off and speak over her because of the way she treats people. Waiters, sales assistants, gym staff, neighbours , landlords, randoms we meet in bars etc." - u/throwawayyyyyprawn

They are constantly picking up the pieces.


This Redditor has gotten really good at smoothing over problems that his wife caused.

Like when his wife closed their account at a local video store in a huff and he had to apologize to get the account opened again.

They can't go out in public with her.

"My parents are divorced and I live with my dad now instead. Part of the reason I barely see my mum is because I’d have to meet her in public (go for a coffee or something) and I just can’t deal with the way she behaves in these places so I don’t go." - u/octopusgas14

The kids are becoming like her.

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"She is a nightmare to everyone in her path, from car guards to cashiers, even her friends... No one can be better than her or smarter than her and she's just freaking exhausting man. The worst part is... Her kids are becoming just like her." - u/Shiks97

They watched her slowly evolve into a Karen.


When this Redditor first met his wife, she was super gracious and sweet.

That's sadly been replaced with someone mean and belittling. She even spaced out her pregnancies to avoid going back to work.

They get blamed for everything.

"I know a couple with a Karen. She blamed him for EVERYTHING. The husband was (in our opinion) something of a saint. Once she broke a glass in the kitchen, came and sat back down at the table, and said 'That was your fault.' We all just stared at her. She looked sheepish and said 'I knew that one probably wouldn't work.' They're divorced, now. I guess even saintliness has its limits." - u/LozNewman

They're with a recovering Karen.


"Engaged to one, she was raised as a princess by here [sic] military raised father. However she’s super down to earth but god forbid you work in the service industry and mess something up. She worked at IHOP during college so it humbled her compared to her family." - u/556DaysOfBoog

They were surrounded by Karens.

In addition to their wife being a Karen, this Redditor married into a family of them!

This includes his wife's mom and sister. As you can imagine, his life has been pretty miserable.

People feel sorry for them.


"My sister is a Karen. Everyone feels so sorry for her husband. Everything is his fault...She only addresses him by yelling. She constantly insults him. We have no idea why he hasn't divorced her or flipped out. We have all told her to cool it and her response is that he's just so stupid. I could go on and on but my sister really is a horrible person." - u/Foco_cholo

It's extremely embarrassing.

"My ex wife is a Karen, in every sense but name. It was always so embarrassing. She was incapable of treating anyone like a human for the most trivial of occurrences. It was hell for me, as a person that's pretty forgiving and don't seek out confrontation." - u/unholymole1

They were constantly caught in the middle.


This Redditor had to deal with maintaining the peace wherever they went. For example, their wife often held the line at Mcdonald's to complain about missing food in a previous order.

Their friends/co-workers aren't fond of her.

"My Dad married one, she's an absolute nightmare. Apparently at work once she went outside to shout at a gardener who was making too much noise trimming a hedge. When she came back inside she found all her colleagues laughing and saying 'That poor guy got Karen'ed!" - u/HildaCreature

Their wife is in denial that she's a Karen.

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"Sucks for me... my wife is a closet Karen in complete denial. When confronted about it she flips into a surreal state of Karendipity." - u/neotriadstorage

They struggle even after being divorced.

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"Currently negotiating with my ex-Karen about when it will pass her 'safety test' to have a visit with my kids(due to Covid), despite having already arranged visits through a court order. It's been two months now. The Skype visits are managed with an egg timer, btw." - u/Eattherightwing