59-Year-Old Demi Moore Shows Off Her Rockin' Abs In Bikini Selfie

Taylor Sakellis

Demi Moore is one of the most beautiful women of all time. Not only has she been open and honest with fans about the trials and tribulations in her life, but she has also kept it real when it comes to her beauty routine, too.

Now, fans are dying to know how the 59-year-old has maintained such a fantastic figure amidst a pandemic!

Demi Moore makes 59 look like a radiant 29.

As someone that is significantly younger than Demi, she is in better shape than I will ever be, and I've accepted that.

To be fair, Demi works hard for her figure, and has ever since her days as G.I. Jane.

According to *Women's Health* Demi has maintained her active lifestyle by doing a host of activities.

The publication reports that the actress loves low-impact dance cardio, planks, and pilé squats.

Just by taking one look at Demi's Insta, you can tell she loves to be on the dance floor!

Well, whatever Demi is doing is clearly working because she looks incredible!

The 59-year-old was vacationing in Greece back when she posted the pictures, and she looks freaking amazing.

"Getting ready for another day in paradise," she captioned the selfie.

I love that women in their 50s are embracing their bodies and lives because life doesn't end when you turn forty, ladies!

We love to see how amazing Demi looks, and to be honest, it's inspired me to go take a HIKE!

Way to go, Ms. Moore!